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Lots of interesting things to write about, so I’m doing a link roundup today. But, I’ll have some other posts as well. Stefan Geens at OgleEarth is on a roll lately with several excellent posts. I’m mentioning a couple more there today.

  • Dakar Rally – The Dakar Rally is a car race in the desert which this year will be held in South America. Seeing as how the race will start and end in Buenos Aires, it’s no surprise that Gerardo Paz (who lives there) decided to create a KML file showing the route of the race. The race is going on right now, so check it out.

  • Dropbox KML – Stefan Geens and Valery Hronusov have some great ideas for using the popular Dropbox service to share KML files online. Dropbox synchs with files on your system in a seamless fashion, which combined with network links makes for a great way to share KML files that you may want to change frequently. I’m going to give this a try soon for a project I have in mind. The only concern – which Stefan raises – is whether Dropbox can handle large amounts of traffic for popular files.

  • Lost World Found – When the story came out before the holidays about some explorers who used Google Earth to find an unexplored tropical forest in Mozambique I made a quick search and didn’t find it. But, Stefan was more determined. He used some other tools and I believe he’s found the location. Not only that, but he offers some other great observations about using Google Earth and its data tools to hunt for other possible unexplored areas. Great work Stefan!

  • Bridge Construction – Google lets the California Department of Transportation make a post on Lat Long about how their San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge construction project is now viewable as a 3D model in Google Earth’s 3D Buildings layer. I have mixed feelings about this because there are so many worthy 3D models and KML files out there with more global appeal which don’t get this kind of attention from Google.

  • Skateboarders Finding Pools – Skateboarders in California have been using Google Earth to scout houses with pools and cross-checking with houses which have been foreclosed. They take a pump and remove the water and use the pool as a skateboard park (while keeping an eye out for the police).

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