Planes on Poles in Google Earth (plus an extra feature)

It has been a while since I highlighted a large user-developed collection. The collection today is of places where you can see planes on “poles” (or stands). You see these in front of airports, museums, hotels, and places you would never expect (like in the middle of a grocery store parking lot). The plane on poles collection is maintained by someone called ‘sasroodkapje’ and has any and all planes found by people and posted to the thread at the Google Earth Community. If you know of a plane on a pole not in the collection already, post it at the thread. It’s best if you also share a photo by putting the photo on a server somewhere and including a link in your post. Then ‘sasroodkapje’ will add it to the collection. Definitely check out the thread to see other cool photos people have posted.
And, here is the “plus” part: make sure you check the locations for Street View – you can see many of these planes in Google’s fast growing database of Street View imagery. Although, there are no Street Views on military bases :-). Just turn on the Street View layer in Google Earth and zoom in to one of the “planes on a pole” placemarks. Then, see if a Street View camera icon is nearby and check it out to see if you can see the plane. Here are some examples of planes on poles you can both see in Google Earth and through Street View:
Fiat G-91T-1 in surplus yard in Rome, Italy:

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P-51 Mustang in Pigeon Forge, TN:

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F-104D Starfighter in Burbank, CA:

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  1. jessica jenkins says:

    Hi I need help I had purchased a dirt bike for my son for christmas and it got stolen out of my yard last thursday and i don’t have the money or a credit card to purchase google earth to see if I can see who took the dirt bike out of my yard and I was wondering if someone could please look for me if they have a purchased version of google earth and let me know what they see???PLEASE HELP!!!!

  2. it looks like their was a small imagery update on thursday. Dublin. Northern India are the two that I have noticed.

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