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New Google Earth Imagery December 2008

[UPDATE 16-Jan-2009: This update also included updates to the 3D terrain data Google uses from NASA SRTM. The update reportedly fixed gaps or issues for many coasts and remote islands around the world. Some countries and regions (like the US and Switzerland) have higher resolution terrain from other sources.]
[UPDATE 0800 17-Dec: Google released the details on the imagery update here. But, you may find the GEB-reader-generated list below more interesting.]
Last night Google pushed out some new imagery for Google Earth. Unfortunately I had just arrived from sailing a boat down from North Carolina to St. Marys, Georgia – and the marina didn’t have Internet. So, I had to wait until this morning to get to an Internet connection. Anyway, I got a tip from Mickey at Digital Earth Blog who reported last night about the update. According to Mickey’s report (and confirmed by some GEB readers), below are places with new imagery (I will update this list as more details come in).
New imagery location list:

[UPDATE: Google posted their “quiz” game with hints to locations with new imagery. Here are the answers from GEB readers:

  1. Isola di Ponza, Italy – thanks Mike
  2. Rabaul, PNG – thanks to Bartman and Mike
  3. Hamilton Island, Australia – thanks Bartman
  4. National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific,Oahu, USA – thanks Mike

You can tell whether suspected imagery is new by comparing the location with Google Maps. The Google Maps imagery database will be updated with this new imagery in a few days. Simply click on the “View in Google Maps” button in the upper middle of Google Earth to see the same location in GM.

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