Google Doubles US Coverage of Street View Imagery

New Street View Imagery in Google Earth

Today Google has doubled the amount of coverage for Street View imagery in the United Sates. Street View is now available in many new cities and states. New cities such as: Memphis, Birmingham, and Charleston, SC. And new states for the first time such as Maine, West Virginia, North Dakota and South Dakota. If you turn on the Street View layer in Google Earth, you can zoom around and get an idea of the scale of the amount of Street View coverage available now in Google Earth and Google Maps (you used to be able to get an overview in Google Maps of the Street View imagery, but I’m not sure how to do that with the newly designed maps interface). There is coverage in roads going between cities and in smaller towns now – not just the major cities. Both Google Maps and Google Earth share the same imagery database, so the availability of the imagery is the same in both platforms. Here is the Official Google Blog post with more details on the new imagery.
Here are some tips on viewing Street View imagery in Google Earth (which is different from the Google Maps experience). And here are a couple of examples from Google’s post of some of the new Street View imagery:
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming:

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Pyramid Arena, Memphis, Tennessee:

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  1. I was expecting more new imagery. I didn’t saw in November any update for imagery so I figure that they will update imagery a.s.a.p. in December. So they update streetview in US, not the update I wanted 🙂

  2. Just zoom out a bit in Google Maps and drag the streetview man over the map. Streetview coverage will show up in blue.

  3. Can’t wait to see the great Google Street View Sightings that will show up! It’s too bad they didn’t use the high res camera though…

  4. this is wow. the coverage in the USA is really huge now.
    I wish the same for Europe soon to come!

  5. hotelgreg11 says:

    Also, lots of Northern Australia is now available in Street View too.

  6. I have also noticed that new Street View Imagery has been added in Australia. The 40km EastLink tollway in Melbourne, Australia now has street view. There is now full coverage of Geelong, Victoria also. So it looks like it is not just the US that got another update.

  7. Mapper99, same thought on the low res. I was similarly disappointed. Why not the same good resolution as the European imagery? Thing is, that good res makes Street View much more useful, because you can read signs. The low res makes it difficult to read even large signs.

  8. The major value and unique interest in GE is aerial imagery. Streetview in GE only has meaning in this framework. So the aerial imagery must be the priority. And, let’s face it, a lot of the Streetview images are extremely repetitious, as the world is not always very interesting seen only from the roof of an automobile.
    So it is very disappointing that for two months there has been no apparent extensions or updates of reasonably high resolution aerial imagery.

  9. Bob Powers says:

    A number of months ago, I was able to see a street view of my residence. I typed in the address and zip code. Unfortunately I did not save to my Favorites and now I can’t find it. Will you please direct me to the proper place.
    Also, I understand there is software that will inhance the images and and almost to the point of going up to the front door.
    I will greatly appreciate any information you can provide.

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