Alps Ski Information Layer in Google Earth

Layer info on Ski the Alps layerOver the weekend (I think) Google released a new layer under the Gallery->Travel & Tourism layer folder called “Ski Resorts in the Alps“. The new layer was done by BergFex which provides ski information and reservation services. The new layer contains maps, current ski/snow conditions, and links to further descriptions, prices, lodging, and weather. The new layer is best used when you also turn on the Skiing layer found under the Points of Interest layer folder. As mentioned last year, Google added detailed lift and gondola maps for the Alps in the Skiing layer. I wish the US skiing destinations had detailed skiing information in the layers like this. BergFex has just shown how you can effectively provide information and also justify the cost by turning the layer into a revenue stream through reservations and other online ski business.
Below is a screenshot example showing both layers in action. The new layer is just placemarks of each destination (the icons indicate the status of each resort), but the placemark descriptions contain the details.

Layer info on Ski the Alps layer

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  1. Speaking of using Google’s services to advertise and generate revenue – Google should consider this for Street View. I’m aware links are provided in Maps at the bottom of the page, but I don’t see why they can’t have hyperlinks within the images themselves. 360 Cities and EveryScape do this now – Google could do it better.
    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been “touring” this street or that in SV, when I’d see a restaurant/shop/hotel that interested me and that I’d be willing to check out – if only I could read the sign to see what it was, so I could Google it.
    In GE, layers provide information, true, but if a small link could be embedded in the imagery to websites, this might be an even more effective form of advertising and source for sales, especially when the use of Street View becomes more widespread.
    This is OT for your post, I know, but the comment about the resorts generating revenue from GE layers reminded me that the idea could be taken much further.

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