Street View Car Spotted in New Zealand

Street View car in New ZealandOver the weekend, GEB reader Mark Crook in Queenstown, New Zealand spotted a Google Street View car and snapped some photos. Google is really burning up the pavement taking photos all over the world. With Street View imagery available in Google Maps and Google Earth beyond the US now in: France, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Japan.
To see Street View imagery in Google Earth, just turn on the Street View layer. Here are some tips on how to use the interface.

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.


  1. This is great! I wonder when I will see one of the Google cars in Boston?

  2. I saw a Google Streetview car in Wellington, New Zealand about a year ago. I followed it on my scooter around the city. Can’t wait to see the imagery!

  3. Wonderful Photo! It’s great to see people photographing the Car instead of it photoing us for once.

  4. We’ve seen the everyscape vehicles in NZ also!

  5. I hope Google starts this service in India too, considering that a sizeable number of their visitors/users are from here.

  6. I have seen one in Frankfurt Germany!

  7. My brother said he has seen one in Bath, UK.

  8. …and in Aachen, Germany.

  9. flickr group on googlenettas all over the world:
    NZ was spotted first Aug. 21st, 2008!!!

  10. Sightings outside the U.S.:
    check out the pool map, since most photos have been geotagged;-)
    Sightings in the EU were in (Opel Astra all of EU):
    Berlin (pool)
    Bochum (pool)
    Bodensee/Lake Constance Region (Südliches/Southern Württemberg, Landstrasse/Rural Highway)
    Köln/Cologne (pool)
    Dortmund (pool)
    Duisburg (pool)
    Gütersloh (pool)
    Hamburg (pool)
    Hilden (pool) (near Düsseldorf)
    Karlsruhe (pool)
    Leipzig (pool)
    Mannheim (pool)
    München/Munich (pool)
    Nürnberg/Nuremberg (pool)
    Stuttgart (pool)
    Aix en Provence
    Burgundy (pool)
    La Ciotat, Marseille, Cote d’Azur (pool)
    Montbrison, Rhone-Alpes (near St. Etienne) (pool) (driver standing on top of Googlenetta)
    Montpellier (pool)
    Nice (pool)
    Paris (pool)
    Strasbourg (pool)
    Toulon (pool)
    Versailles (pool)
    Beeston (pool)
    Birmingham (pool)
    Bristol (pool)
    Brentford (pool)
    Bury (pool)
    Cardiff (pool)
    Catherine-de-Barnes (pool)
    Colwick (pool)
    Coventry (pool)
    Cwmbran, Wales (pool)
    Edinburgh (pool)
    Exeter, Wales (pool)
    Forres, Scotland (pool)
    Glasgow (pool)
    High Wycomb (pool)
    Kensington (pool)
    Leeds (pool)
    Liverpool (pool)
    Littleborough (pool)
    London/Londres (pool)
    Manchester (pool)
    Norwich (pool)
    Nottingham (pool)
    Oxford (pool)
    Portishead (pool)
    Sheffield (pool) (3 Googlenettas and next to them their respective drivers on the side of the road)
    York (pool)
    Barcelona (pool)
    Madrid (pool)
    Sevilla (pool)
    Valencia (pool)
    Firenze/Florence (pool)
    Milano/Milan/Mailand (pool)
    Roma/Rome/Rom (pool)
    Torino/Turin) (pool)
    Amsterdam (pool) (one of the Amsterdam photos shows the Google HQ with various Googlenettas getting ready for spain)
    Apeldoorn (pool)
    Den Haag/The Hague (pool)
    Rotterdam (pool)
    Zutphen (near Appeldorn) (pool)
    Australia (Holden Astra):
    Sydney (pool)
    Brisbane (pool)
    Kojonup (pool)
    New Zealand (Holden? Astra):
    Napier (pool)
    Japan (Toyota Prius):
    Ashiya (pool)
    Nagayo (pool)
    Okinawa (pool)
    Tokyo (pool)
    Mexico (Pontiac G6):
    Mexico City (pool)
    Singapore (Opel Astra):
    Bishan (pool)

  11. You realize, of course, that most of these are not actually Google Street View cars, but local paparazzi, private detectives, or intelligence organizations, being creative with their surveillance?

  12. When are they actually going to release the imagery for New Zealand through!

  13. I saw and photografed aparently the same car on the same day in Milford Sound.

  14. Don’t miss for street views of Pune city in India.

  15. Hehe if you search moonshine road upper hutt new zealand on street view im there =)

  16. wow, it’s great, but only if it doesn’t stolen the private data through the wifi points, like they did in Germany last year.

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