Links: US Elections, KML Handbook, MetaAtlas, Israel Road Maps

  • Historical US Presedential Elections – Google teamed up with the University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab to create an excellent series of Google Earth historical US presidential election maps . The maps show how the population has voted in past presidential elections from 1980 through 2004, and include election results at both the state and county levels. The maps also include demographic information derived from the 1980, 1990, and 2000 US Census. The placemarks contain the demographic information with nice pie charts showing the data. They also let you see a time animation since 1980. via Google Lat-Long Blog

  • The KML Handbook – As mentioned in August, Google’s documentation guru Josie Wernecke has written a book called “The KML Handbook: Geographic Visualization for the Web“. The book is now available for pre-order at Amazon and should be shipping soon. via Google Geo Developers Blog.

  • MetaAtlas – There have been many Atlas-like KML files produced showing country-by-country information. See for example a CIA World Factbook collection. Phil Reynolds at the GEC has published a “Meta Atlas ” which provides links in each country’s placemark to many different datasets of information for each country.

  • Israel Road Maps – Google Earth now shows street maps for Israel if you turn on the Roads layers. This happened a couple of weeks ago at least. I have not yet heard what other roads layers may have been updated/added. Thanks to GEB reader Adar.

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  1. Do you know when will Road Maps will be available for Argentina?

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