California Fires – November 2008

Santa Barbara Fire in Google EarthRaging wildfires in California are once again in the news this weekend. At the moment there are three main fires dubbed the Tea Fire (In Santa Barbara area), Sayre Fire (or Sylmar fire), and the Freeway Fire (near the Chino Hills State Park). There are once again a number of Google Maps My Maps of each fire each showing the area of the fires, and other important information such as evacuation zones/centers, fire stations, road closures, hospitals, animal shelters, and more. Each of these maps can also be loaded into Google Earth where you can see even more useful information such as the 3D terrain, and – by turning on the “Places of Interest” layer folder – outlines of parks, business locations, churches, hospitals, and more.

  • Tea Fire (Santa Barbara/Montecito)My Map of the fire in the Santa Barbara area. Includes evacuation zone. View it in Google Earth . This map was mentioned at Google LatLong Blog. This is an unofficial map, but pools resources from several local media and official sources.

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  • Sayre Fire (Sylmar)My Map of the fire near Sylmar. This map came via ABC channel 7 news. Includes the evacuation area in blue, active fire zone in red. Again, view this map in Google Earth to see more data and a 3D view of the terrain.

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  • Freeway Fire (Chino Hills) – This My Map shows the fire near Chino Hills and comes from CBS channel 2. Shows the fire, evacuation area, closed roads, evacuation centers and more. View this map in Google Earth .

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A good list of maps available to this wave of fires can be found at Search Engine Land. The list even includes some maps showing which houses were burned.

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  1. Aarson again!

  2. johnwwwatson says:

    People that start fires should get life in prison because it is murder! And looters should receive triple penalties if convicted of looting evacuated homes, PERIOD!!! Enough of this tolerance BS!!!

  3. California Fire News just exceeded a million page unique views and hits, this week, numero uno on Google for subject and you guy’s never link to me?
    I have been using Google maps and Google earth, on my blog and Gmail seems to be now corrupting the files lately? I have access to the real deal latest fire perimeters but .kml files keep getting corrupted between gmail and gearth?
    Oh well I need to get it fixed before next big one. Can anyone Suggest a .kml file trouble shooting forum? .kml file validator?
    Bob O Editor – Cal Fire News

  4. It still amazes me as to how we are still so ill prepared to deal with fire.

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