New Google Earth Imagery: 13-October-2008

[UPDATED 0645 ET 14-Oct-2008: Make sure you check “View in Google Maps” to confirm the imagery is new before leaving a comment.]
Just started getting reports of places with new or updated high resolution imagery. Keep sending in reports if you find something new. You can tell if an image is new by clicking the “View in Google Maps” link in GE to compare. Google Maps doesn’t yet have the new imagery so if the imagery isn’t the same – its new. Here’s the list of places found so far:

  • India – New medium resolution Spot Image background imagery for a big portion of India. Thanks to GEB reader Alok Patel for being the first to report new imagery.

  • US – Looks like a big portion of North Carolina has new unattributed aerial imagery – or at least it is color processed differently. Big area around Salt Lake City, Utah has new imagery from the State of Utah. Fairfax County Virginia – thanks to GEB reader Ben. Spotsylvania County, Virginia – new high res. Areas of Beaumont, TX. Thanks to Munden.

  • Mexico – An area in northern Mexico has new medium resolution Spot Image imagery – adding to the Spot imagery in a recent update for Mexico. A bunch of the islands around Baja have also been added with better resolution from Spot Image.

  • Romania – Looks like the country of Romania has new medium resolution Spot imagery as well.

  • SpainMenorca, Mallorca – Thanks to GEB reader Rene73

  • Czech Republic – the entire country has new high resolution imagery from a provider called GEODIS Brno. Very nice! Thanks to GEB reader Rene73

  • More Eastern European Countries – New medium resolution Spot Image imagery in the northern part of Albania, most parts of Montenegro, Kosova, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia. Thanks to GEB reader Edi.

  • ItalyCapri, Elba, Firenze, Urbino, Verona – Thanks to GEB reader Ezra.

  • Australia – Big region in the northeast now has medium resolution Spot Image imagery. Thanks to GEB reader ‘toler’. Ayer’s Rock has new high res imagery.

  • Norway – Trondheim. Thanks to GEB reader Esme Cowles.

  • Canary Islands – Futureventura, Tenerife – The SS American Star wreck has has almost disappeared beneath the water now. The imagery date for the Canaries says 2008! Thanks to James at for this find. See his post for more details and a link to the ship location.

  • South Africa – Areas around Johannesburg

  • Guinea Bissau – New highres patch near Bafata. Thanks to Snakeye.

  • UKLundy Island high res now. Thanks to Munden. Also, Aberdeen, Hampshire, North Lincolnshire, part of Derbyshire. Thanks to James.

  • Portugal – New high resolution strip of imagery near Nazaré. Thanks to Snakeye.

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  1. Czech Republic:
    Spain: Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca

  2. Hi, you can add Czech Republic too. Whole country excluding Prague has new pictures in higher resolution. Prague was updated with 10cm pictures few weeks ago.

  3. Northern Albania has new medium resolution Spot Image imagery; also most parts of Montenegro, Kosova, some parts of Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia.

  4. Northern Virginia, (Fairfax County) updated with February 2007 imagery.

  5. New imagery update in Serbia and im guessing other countries as well. Serbia now has, i think its called “Spot image” of the entire country. All the areas that had extremely low quality images now have low/medium res pictures taken in Jul 20. 2003. Its not much better but its the improvement non the less.

  6. also Italy: Capri, Elba, Firenze, Urbino, Verona

  7. australia has new medium-res imagery for most of the north-east (whitsundays etc.)

  8. Slovenia has been updated with SPOT imagery as well. Still no important changes in Poland :((

  9. Esme Cowles says:

    Trondheim, Norway has also been updated.

  10. Some areas in Thailand are updated as well: Bueng Kan, Pak Khat, Fao Rai, all Nong Khai province; Charoen Sin, Ban Muang, both Sakon Nakhon province; Mae Suai, Chiang Rai province.

  11. Some outer areas of Melbourne, Australia have been updated.

  12. Fuerteventura has also had a full-island update with aerial images. The SS American Star has almost completely vanished into the water 🙁

  13. All Canary Islands (Spain)

  14. Norway: Kongsberg, in Buskerud County. About 800 km2 just east of Drammen.

  15. Madeira has new images to, east of Ponta do sol.

  16. It looks like Ayers Rock has new imagery, looks like a 3D model but I don’t even have the 3D model layer on!

  17. There’s a new hi-res patch along the portuguese coast (area around the town of Nazaré in central Portugal)

  18. Also a new hi-res patch in Guinea Bissau, around the village of Bafatá.

  19. USA: Virginia also got Spotsylvania County updated with Feb 2007 imagery.
    UK: Lundy Island is now high resolution

  20. USA: Beaumont, TX and the area around it got an update. It’s a long satellite image stripe running south to the coast.

  21. @tiki
    Yep, Ayers Rock has been updated, if you zoom in real close you can actually see the white marked walking track start from the far western point all the way to the top of the rock. You can even see people walking up the slope.

  22. The east area of Puertollano (210 km at the south of Madrid, Spain) may have been updated (refinery, power plant, etc). Please someone check it.

  23. Some updated hi-res in the UK – Aberdeen, Hampshire, North Lincolnshire, part of Derbyshire.

  24. In Victoria, I noticed west of Melbourne between Melton and Bacchaus Marsh is some new high res, but it is great to see that Ayers Rock, the Olgas and the Ayers Rock Resort is now in super high res, and was only taken on April 29 this year. I also like how as mentioned above, you can see the white dotted trail I followed to climb to the top on my camping trip last year! If only it had the DEM data to match.

  25. Where can I find out which parts around Johannesburg, South Africa were updated?

  26. martwypies says:

    Poland – near Czech borders : Kudowa Zdrój, Duszniki Zdrój, Polanica Zdrój, Kłodzko, Wałbrzych,…

  27. The Real Mc Coy says:

    Bulgaria has been updated with medium quality SPOT imagery (taken in 2003 according to GE) too 😉

  28. UK England:
    Derbyshire – James: which parts? Eastern area looks most likely (04.07) in the patchwork.
    Hampshire – northern two thirds only updated. SE parts have excellent high res (04.07). but SW is dated.
    UK Scotland
    Aberdeen (04.98) is good, but, yet again no other obvious improvement to thje worst coverage in the EU..
    Czech Republic
    Good to see uniform high res in the whole country with lots in the layers.

  29. Bulgaria – Pernik and north of it, hi res; Breznik and neighborhood, medium res.

  30. USA – Port Angeles, Washington

  31. Soren Madsen says:

    Revelstoke British Columbia has new imagery but I kind of like it last time with the snow. They missed the new ski hill by a couple of frames but hopefully it’ll be ther next time. The images look like they were taken last spring before the new schalet was fully built.

  32. The Real Mc Coy says:

    Bulgaria has been update to medium resolution Spot images.
    An at least West of Washington DC (including, for exemple, Dulles Airport and Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center)

  33. What are the geometric shapes that have been around the north pole for several weeks? You can see them when you have the weather option on. I need answers! Google will not comment on this.

  34. Again large regions of the British Columbian interior have new 2008 high res imagry from the bc, govt.

  35. There is also new Streetview: Lille (North of France)

  36. Streetview update in France:
    – Lille
    – Nice
    – Lyon
    – Marseille
    – Paris

  37. re: Poland
    IIRC those mentioned areas were a part of last month update (5m SPOT imagery) – not only Sudety, but also Tatry and Bieszczady as well

  38. I noticed later that Cole County in Missouri also received an update. Look for Jefferson City, MO.

  39. UK England
    Google Lat Long also lists “Devon”, and this seems to be good higher res, but for Torbay and Plymoth only (both 04.07). Any confirmation?

  40. also for Italy : Riva del garda, northern italy

  41. Northern Thailand (Chiang Rai, Mae Sai area) and also over into Eastern Burma now also much higher resolution

  42. Australia – Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory is now called Uluru, it’s original name give by the Indigenous people.

  43. john turner says:

    When will we get high res in the tusket nova scotia area

  44. José Correa says:

    Areas to the West of the metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil, have been updated with high resolution (specially the suburbs of Cotia, Embu and Vargem Grande). Now the whole of the huge São Paulo metro area are in high resolution, finally!

  45. an udate on lundy island and surrounding area?

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.