New 3D Cities in Google Earth for LA, San Diego – and more?

San Diego in 3D in Google EarthAt the beginning of the month, Google added 10 new 3D cities to Google. Now, just a couple of weeks later, they’ve added at least two more cities Google Earth: Los Angeles and San Diego (I’m still checking to see if there are more). I first got a report from GEB reader, and LA resident, Ted Vance about LA. I immediately nade an educated guess and checked San Diego. Sure enough, there were lots of new 3D buildings there as well. The reason I check is that there was just a press announcement by CyberCity 3D about their contributing models to Google Earth. And, I recalled last spring that CyberCity 3D had added non-textured 3D buildings for LA and San Diego. They also did Chicago which probably explains why Chicago got the facelift earlier this month.
There’s been no announcement yet about these buildings, so there may be more cities. If you find other new 3D cities (compare with the list in the October 1st post), then leave a comment here and I’ll add them to this post. Meanwhile, make sure to fly around these beautiful new 3D models in LA and San Diego. Especially if you want to re-visit somewhere you’ve been before. Google’s 3D models tend to capture lots of detail in the photo-textures including signs and logos on the sides of buildings. This not only helps add realism, but furthers the marketing payoff for the companies paying promote themselves. Thanks again to Ted for the tip, and make sure you tell folks you found out about the new buildings here at GEB first.

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Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.


  1. smokeonit says:

    some of the new structures make my GE crash when i try to get info on them… bummer;-(((

  2. Hi all,
    Berlin seems to have new 3d textured buildings :o)

  3. I wouldn’t count on many cities being added quickly. The aerial views for Knoxville, TN are more than 7 years old, despite it saying 2008 views. They can and should do better.

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