Location of Steve Fossett Remains Reportedly Found

[UPDATE 3-November: The bones found at the location shown below have been DNA tested and confirmed to be those of Steve Fossett. See CNN story.]
Site of Steve Fossett Crash and remains in Google EarthFollowing up on the story of the location of Steve Fossett’s plane wreck, today Sheriff’s in California have reported they believe they have found Steve Fossett’s remains. The adventurer Steve Fossett was reported missing after leaving in a small plane on Labor Day in 2007, but no sign was found of him until over a year later. Today they reported they found his driver’s license, another 100 dollar bill, shoes, and some bones. The shoes had signs of animal bites which leads them to suspect the body was dragged to the new location about 1/2 mile from the crash site. The sheriff showed the location on a topographical map which I saw at CNN here. I had already overlayed a similar topo map when first locating the crash site a month ago. Here is a view in Google Earth of all the reported finds including the new items and remains. You will see the location of the plane crash site, other items found a month ago, topo map overlays showing the terrain (which you can also see by tilting your view in Google Earth), and the location of the new items and remains found.

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  1. Thanks for the update. The search teams appear to be succeeding at a difficult and demanding task. These latest items were found far from the crash site proper and on what appears to be extremely steep terrain, near the edge of a vertical drop.

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