Google Street View Italy Released – October 29th

I’ve been traveling this evening, or I would have reported sooner: Quick on the heels of France and Spain, now Italy gets some Street View coverage as well. Included locations are: Milan, Florence, Rome and Lake Como. That’s essentially three new countries to get notable Street View coverage in two weeks. Reports came in from Google Maps Mania, Digital Earth Blog and Google Blogoscoped, and I got an E-mail from GEB reader ‘Munden’ as well.
Here’s a shot of the Colliseum to start you on your tour of Italy:

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Don’t forget, you can see full 3D panoramas of each Street View image inside Google Earth. Here are some tips on using Street View in Google Earth.
So, which country do you think will be next? Already we have: US, Japan, Australia, France, Italy, and Spain. The UK is a highly anticipated one, but other countries have reported seeing the Google cars which take the pictures…

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  1. Q1:Is it possible to greate one’s own Streetview from taking different pictures of the same location?
    Q2: I would like to use Panoramio’s LookAround feature on my desktop, to see how it will look before submitting fotos to Panoramio. If I don’t like the outcome, I would rather then take different photos and finally submit it to Panoramio once I like how it looks. Is there a downloadable “LookAround” application somewhere?

  2. add Moscow please! 🙂

  3. Moscow – StreetView (

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Germany is next, but I’m hoping for the UK. I’ve been enjoying London via, but clicking through frames is slow and the resolution isn’t as good as Street View for the European countries (although it’s about the same as or better than S.V. for some U.S. cities, sigh).

  5. Street View for Germany has been announced for early 2009

  6. Having seen the Street View car outside my very own front door – I can’t wait for the UK to go live. (I just wish I’d had a chance to tidy the front garden first though!!)

  7. thenormal says:

    talking about italy, check out this video about an italian location discovered using google earth. if you know italian, you know what that means….

  8. UK will be next, followed by Germany…
    new zealand and singapore are 3 months out, NZ first…

  9. Streetview finally hit Australia recently and I have integrated it with some of my listings. Thought you could have a look, now users can import their Google Streetview Iframe into the listing editor.
    take a look!

  10. So, maybe the launching of Germany’s (or Switzerland’s) Street View won’t happen after all. Apparently, even the taking of pictures, let alone publication of the imagery, is illegal in both countries?
    I’m bummed. I was really looking forward to “touring” these two countries. I’m glad things have worked out with the UK and anticipate those images, but it sounds like both Germany and Switzerland are digging in their heels over the matter.

  11. Rodolfo E Ignacio Jr says:

    Street View for entire Philippine cities has been announced for June 2009…as my request.

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