Track Hurricane Ike in Google Earth

[UPDATE: Here is the historical path of Hurricane Ike from the Naval Research Laboratory.]
Track Hurricane Ike in Google EarthHurricane Ike is near the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and is forecasted to strike somewhere between Houston and Corpus Christi on September 13th. It could strike as a very strong category 4 storm.
Google Earth is a great tool for checking weather, and especially for tracking hurricanes. You can overlay weather satellite photos, radar, storm tracks, real-time lightning strikes, pressure maps, wind maps, sea surface temperatures, and more. Google Earth Blog (GEB) has pulled together a single file of weather tools that let you track storms and check weather globally inside Google Earth. Download the GEB weather tools and check out the many datasets starting with two different storm tracking tools. You can also read more details about the collection.
To help you understand what’s possible with these weather tools, here is a video demonstration:

There’s also an excellent new tool available for Google Earth which lets you follow the hurricane hunters as they fly into the storms and collect data. Check out the story about live hurricane hunter mission data.

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  1. Please help map the Caribbean! This region was badly hit by Hurricane Ike and Gustav. The UN and other disaster response groups urgently need maps to assist with relief. Help map at Google Map Maker:
    See Google’s blog post:

  2. Where can one get satellite photo of Ike’s afterrmath?

  3. Shadow Stewart says:

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  4. I was watching National news and they showed a Google Earth picture of the aftermath of Hurricane Ike on Crystal Beach, Texas. I am still learning my Google Earth and can’t find that feature. When I search on Crystal Beach, I get what it use to look like before the hurricane. Help!!!

  5. We don’t get hurricanes in South Africa luckily!

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