Links: Flood Zones, Last Guy, Giants on Earth

  • Flood Zones in Google Earth – The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has detailed maps showing flood zones around the country. They have an application called “Stay Dry” which provides basic flood hazard map information from FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer for an address. They’ve created an updated interface which makes it easy to view flood data. Simply download the Stay Dry KML file , then select “View flood hazards” radio button under the Places pane. Then simply zoom your view in Google Earth to an area of interest (below 10,000 feet), and it will show you FEMA flood data.

  • Last Guy – Sony is coming out with a game called Last Guy which is very familiar feeling to Google Earth users. You basically have a Google Earth-like look-down interface in which monsters attack you and people you gather around you as you wander around a city. Brady Forest at O’Reilly Radar sums it up really nicely and even points out that there have actually been some games done using Google Earth. For example, here are some games with Google Earth written about at GEB: GE Flight Simulator, Mars Sucks, Earth Finding Game, Geography Quiz, Monster Milk Truck, a DND game, and the Football Game.

  • Giants on EarthGoogle Sightseeing on a daily basis treats us with interesting things you can find in Google Earth’s imagery. I like the recent one pointing out some giants you can see half-buried in the Earth’s surface. Seriously, you can see these from the ground too. Just check out their KML file to see them in Google Earth. If you turn on the Panoramio layer, you can see some ground photos of the one near Washington, DC.

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