Google/NOAA Release Post-Hurricane Ike Aerial Imagery in Google Earth

NOAA has an outfit which flies and takes aerial imagery after hurricanes hit to collect important data about the damage these storms cause. Google first worked with this team after Hurricane Katrina hit and the release of the imagery helped many people in response to the disaster. Now Google has once again worked with NOAA and released a Hurricane Ike Google Earth overlay showing new imagery taken after the storm. You can compare the current Google Earth imagery (from before the storm) with the newer NOAA imagery taken after the storm hit. To do this, select the “Hurricane Ike 2008” folder and drag the slider below the Places pane which changes transparency. You can visit NOAA’s Hurricane Ike Response page for more information. Here’s a sample comparing before and after:

Hurricane Ike Damage Imagery in Google Earth

There is also similar imagery available for Hurricane Gustav from a few weeks ago.
via GoogleLatLong.

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  1. Marilyn Litt says:

    I visited Padre Island National Seashore yesterday. They have a lot of debris along the 70+ miles of Gulf shoreline from Ike and I went there to help pick up some. A lot of people have done that.
    I was told by a park ranger that a “debris island” from Ike is headed across the Gulf toward the National Seashore. Is there any way that this can be tracked through Google earth? I am assuming it was reported by boats in the Gulf.

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