Google Earth Hurricane Tracking Layer

Hurricane Layer in Google EarthGoogle has just added a new sub-layer to the Weather layer called “Hurricane Season 2008“. This layer contains position and forecasted paths for currently active Atlantic Hurricanes according to the US National Hurricane Center. There’s an Information placemark which explains the symbols, and you can click on placemarks for storm positions to get basic storm information such as name, strength, and time. You can use the other weather sub-layers to show real-time satellite imagery of world-wide clouds, radar data for the US and parts of Europe, and temperature/weather forecast data.
The Weather layer was first added last fall. Each sub-layer added shows good basic information with good visual quality. The clouds layer is the best I’ve seen available in terms of visual representation, and how close to real-time it is from the satellites (It is updated at least hourly).
This new Hurricane Season layer provides basic storm tracking information. There is no storm track history, alternative satellite image overlays, computer model prediction paths, etc. But, there are lots of weather tools available for Google Earth to provide more detail when you’re interested in a particular storm or other weather data. However, I am disappointed Google did not deploy this layer to cover tropical storms world-wide. Especially when other GE storm tracking tools which have been available for years with global coverage. via GoogleLatLong

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