Radiohead in Google Earth

On Monday the music group Radiohead released a new music video called “House of Cards“. They teamed up with Google who helped them with the use of technology in the video, and through promotion on YouTube. The video uses a very creative use of LiDAR technology to show a live 3D scan of the face of the singer, Thom Yorke, and projects it in 3D while he sings. To further increase the promotion, Google created a web site to share a sample of the 3D data of RadioHead. You can view the data in a 3D viewer Google provides. And, they created a YouTube group for people to share videos of how they applied the data for other applications.
I’m not surprised to find out someone quickly took the data and imported it into 3D placemarks into Google Earth. There’s no real reason to do this except that Google Earth is a great 3D visualization tool, and it’s just a cool idea! The port to Google Earth was posted at the blog Swordpress. You can download it in Google Earth yourself, or you can watch this YouTube of it:

via OgleEarth.
[UPDATE July 30: Interview with Tim Sinnott of Swordpress about why he created his Google Earth file of Radiohead.]

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  1. A for effort on the video, but it’s so twitchy and annoying I would have never released it. It is truly unwatchable.

  2. The effect and concept of vaporization — which I’m assuming is what you’re referring to — was entirely intentional.

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