Nice Range Map for Important Animals in Google Earth

Conservation range maps for decling in Google EarthThe Commission for Environmental Cooperation has developed a nice set of KML files which illustrate the range for a variety of both land and marine animals who are of “conservation concern”. Check out the file in GE here . I really like the way they have used the folders in the KML file to select different species and the colored polygons to represent the ranges of each species. And, the same file is also available in Spanish and French .
Here’s a brief description from their file:

The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) developed this map layer to provide range maps and basic information about the North American Species of Common Conservation Concern. These terrestrial and marine species depend on regional action in Canada, Mexico, and the United States for their continued survival and success. Maps for terrestrial species are based on range maps compiled by NatureServe.

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) is an international organization created by Canada, Mexico and the United States under the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation to address regional environmental concerns, help prevent potential trade and environmental conflicts, and to promote the effective enforcement of environmental law. The Agreement complements the environmental provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Thanks to a tip from GEB reader Tommy.

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