New Google Earth 4.3 (beta) Available – Version 4.3.7284.3916

There’s a new version of Google Earth 4.3 (beta) available. This release does not appear to introduce new features, but it does address a number of issues some of you have encountered with GE 4.3 which was released in April. Since Google has had a couple of months, I’m expecting this version to be a more stable version to use. I’m still waiting for an official report and release notes, and will add the details here when they are available. See the official release notes for this update below. There’s a lot of fixes to a variety of problems – many that only applied to certain OSes, or system configurations. Head on over to the official Google Earth Download page to get the latest (the “Check for Update” currently won’t find this new release.)
See the initial review of Google Earth 4.3 for reasons why you should get the new version if you are still running an older version of Google Earth. Or, check out the GEB video demo of GE 4.3:

Changes in Version 4.3.7284 (bug fix release)
– Fixed various crashes
– Earth should accept
– Ctrl+Shft+arrow up/down now mapped to zoom
– Show correct message after deactivating GE
– Plus/Pro/EC client stops streaming data after 90 min
– EC and Pro client should share same activation key.
– Drag-and-drop place into whitespace causes crash
– Named colors aren’t rendered in balloons
– Intel 915 does not display Overview Map
– Some of the layers show empty space below the layer name
– Long URLs in internal browser break clients max width
– Web window expands to be way too wide and can’t be resized
– Fail on GPX read if contains anything that should be entitized
– Clear search history doesn’t clear the search history from the drop down list search
– can’t import GIS files on Macintosh (Mac Tiger 10.4.11 & Mac Leopard 10.5.2)
– progress indicator is wrong
– Can not send more than one email per GE client session
– Black holes in imagery with atmosphere on
– Blurry display with 100% streamed on Vista SP1 and 4GB of memory
– “Display of placemarks in 4.3 “snapping to grid” rather than showing actual location”
– Able to zoom through the Earth below 0 ft
– Dragging KML/KMZ into client shows fetch error (linux)
– Disconnected client will not use cached data
– Save Image in Pro doesn’t save screen overlays
– Upgrade dialog obscured by startup tips
– Activation problems with users with Plus and Pro keys
– Deactivate option not available if login fails (expired activation key)(EC ONLY)
– OS/X locks up for 3-5 minutes on exit
– “To here” “From here” link in balloon does not populate driving direction search box”
– Date/Time format in the time slider (ja)
– Startup tips do not show the correct pictures for any languages.
– Sunset and Sunrise get too dark too soon.
– Client Help menu prompts uninstall of SeaMonkey (mozilla) project
– unable to open CSV/TXT files
– “New Pro-trial users and Pro customers can’t login = the application hangs on “Verifying your Google Earth license…”
– navigation from camera views (above horizon) is broken
– Terrain returns building data in 4.3 [Mac only]
– RTL clients renders ballon punctuation marks LTR

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. Why would any company, especially Google, release a new version without release notes?

  2. why there is no earth in my google earth. there are only sky feature but not the globe. i’m using compaq presario v3000 laptop, intel core 2 duo processor, windows vista ultimate 64-bit. once i have installed this program in the same laptop and the earth is in there (i’m using windows xp at that time). Then, because of virus i have to format my laptop and reinstall the GE but the earth is not in there anymore. what is the problem, is it because of my laptop? so, i really hope you can help me with this problem. i’m really excited with the new feature in this program but really frustrated because i can’t use it.

  3. You can maybe try to turn off atmosphere mode. I encounter the same problem… sometimes, turning off and then turning on can solve the problem, or made GE crash…

  4. My GE Pro (4.3.7204.0836) tells me that no updates are available. Hmmm…?

  5. to hafieq: the problem is Windows Vista that does not handle the graphics well. try to switch between DirectX mode and OpenGL mode, you can do that easily going to the menu
    Start > All Programs > Google Earth
    there you will see the options to start Google Earth either in DirectX or OpenGL. if none of those options work, try downloading the latest version of your graphic card drivers. if that doesn’t work, switch to XP, is more stable.

  6. The “Check for Updates” probably won’t find the new version until a few days later. But, you can go to the download site at and download directly and get this new version.

  7. I’m finding that the Google Updater keeps stepping in and telling me that I have the most current version. Even if I kill the process, it returns when I hit “Agree and Download.” Any suggestions?

  8. what if i’m using directx 10???

  9. To Pete:It is possible to install Google Software, like Google Earth, without the annoying Google Updater, but the page that lists the direct download links is very well hidden by Google, but, here it is:

  10. No obvious improvements using Mac OSX 10.4. If anything, mouse control is more jerky and less responsive, and GE stull takes time to shut down.
    However, neither of the two GE download pages linked from the blog/comments give any indication that the download is a new version, so are they actually delivering a new version?

  11. Seems like a certain imagery update had also taken place lately:

  12. High res coverage has been added for eastern Slovakia. Cities of Presov, Kosice and others, extending to western Ukraine

  13. More on performance in OS X 10.4 – time for everything in GE to load and start up is longer, and navigation at ‘high altitude’ is painfully slow, with freezes and jerkiness. Zoomed in, things are OK.
    Is what was a reasonably high spec Mac two years ago now overloaded by the latest GE update and/or more content? Would it help to shat down some layers such as Street View if not in active use?

  14. smokeonit says:

    on my macbook pro 2.0 GE actually got slower after the update…
    no improvemetns to the real time GPS under GE plus.
    i’m very disappointed… my “my places” library is pretty extensive, and it takes like 2min to load… but that stayed the same…
    google, c’mon!, you can do better than that
    especially the GPS real time needs better controls, i want to be able to change the icon (always disappears completely, bug)
    and the interval at which the real time path ends, i want to be able to keep my whole path. right now i have to manually copy and paste my real time path into a text file to be able to preserve the data… this can’t be true, this is like the dark ages of using a computer… #$%#$%#$@!##@!#

  15. smokeonit says:

    and the support discussion forum is a joke, no one from google is answering questions there… it feels like deserted, only used by newbies that have no clue what’s going on… i always feel like an idiot posting problems there, and month after month not getting an answer!!!

  16. Kaj Sundberg says:

    The version 4.3.7284.3916 loads only in Czech language despite any trials to change language before use, eg. English(US9,English(UK) etc.

  17. Hi. I downloaded this new version, but I cannot see the lighting effect on the atmosphere and the sun in the sky when i want to see the sunset or the dawn… I don’t see the same “picture” of the earth than in this video, i see the older one.
    Please, help me. Excuse my english.

  18. Vermonter says:

    I just (7/30) loaded 4.3. It’s a disaster — terrible resolution, will crash and not show the planet, only the sky, initializes slowly. How do I get the old version back?

  19. @David: Most likely cause of not seeing the atmosphere effects is that your video card does not support the feature (most likely because it is old). Either upgrade your card and/or upgrade your computer.
    @Vermonter: You should check out the Google Earth support forum and post your problem if you don’t find an answer to your problem already there. Forum is here:

  20. How do I find, in Google Earth, an address in another country? I’m new to this, and I’ve seen my house and it was so cool. But I’ve been trying to do the same in seeing my wife’s house in Mexico City. I get to Mexico, but can’t get her home address. Is it possible? Please help me/us with information or tips.

  21. Where is the proper place for user feedback / bug reports?
    I’d normally expect to find a link somewhere in help:about or on the download page, especially for a beta.

  22. What is the annoying “fly-in and land” thing that the new G-Earth does when zooming in? Any way to defeat that? (I’m sure it’s considered a “feature” but when you want a map-like image closeup it is frustrating to have to go through steps to re-tilt the picture to a true vertical view. What’s the workaround?

  23. i akso cannot access global earth and have windows vista.The message from google is as follows “the glooble community cannot access my graphic card” I am beginning to think that windows vista cannot handle many things.
    I will try to open in the GL mode and hope for the best.I would appreciate any advice by nmy email Thanks

  24. Judy Spicer says:

    I have Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and when I try to download Google Earth the following message comes up and it won’t run.
    Google Pack is not supported on this version of Windows.
    Is there a solution to my problem?

  25. I run Vista Business on my computer. I have tried uninstalling Google Earth and then reinstalling it. I have tried opening GE up in DirectX and Open GL mode. Each time I load GE, it can take up to 90 minutes to load. What’s wrong. Please can someone help me?

  26. When will those GUYS at Google release a 64 bit version of GOOG-EARTH? Any ideas? Us folks in the professional software arena (i.e. UNIX/Linux/BSD-MAC) have had native 64 bit OSes for years but no 64bit GOOGLE-Earth. Now that those ‘geniuses’ at Microsoft have finally delivering 64bit Windows (Vista) in large scale, shouldn’t the GOOG folks finally get around to a 64bit version (64 bits is way faster for this type of app that handles large dataset, heavy floating point calcs and transformation algos. Anybody heard anything on this front?

  27. Please Google,win7/64bit Google Earth.Please.

  28. David Sadick says:

    what happened to street view in google earth Vers. 4.3.7284.3916 (beta)

PLEASE NOTE: Google Earth Blog is no longer writing regular posts. As a result, we are not accepting new comments or questions about Google Earth. If you have a question, use the official Google Earth and Maps Forums or the Google Earth Community Forums.