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GPS Chartplotter in Google Earth Flight SimulatorBarry Hunter posted some fun stuff this past weekend for Google Earth’s built-in flight simulator. (If you weren’t aware Google Earth has a built-in flight simulator, then read this – you’ll be amazed!) Barry started with a post at his Nearby blog implementing an ability to give a destination where you want to fly, and he returns a network link which shows a “GPS arrow” in the lower right guiding you while flying to that destination. Simply use his GPS arrow tool, and follow the instructions (you can enter airport designators instead of coordinates). Start flying the GE flight simulator and turn on or off the GPS arrow as you desire (Note: you can bring up the GE sidebar by typing CTRL-ALT-B). It’s really handy for helping guide you to a destination. Naturally, I looked at it and wished for full chart plotting capability. So, I dropped Barry a comment, and a short while later he had come up with a solution! He used the Google Maps static API to show a new Maps view every five seconds as an overlay to show your current position. Brilliant! One little problem is that the Static API only allows a limited number of views per day. So, if a lot of people use this it’s likely to reach the cap. But, maybe Google will think this is cool enough to make it a built-in feature to Google Earth’s flight simulator. Barry also allows you to set different zoom levels for the map. Try Nearby’s Google Earth flight simulator chart plotter here . A lot of people seem to get lost while flying the flight simulator, so maybe these tools will help.
Other useful add-ons/information for Google Earth’s flight simulator:

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  1. Is there a way to activate place names and road names in GEarth Flight sim?

  2. yeah. in the scroll menu at the bottom left. just tick the box on the option that lets you. hope i helped! 🙂 .

  3. The GPS arrow is not showing up, but it does open Google earth.

  4. bradley pellegrini says:

    how do i turn on the compass on a mac? are the add ons for mac?

  5. what type of runway is that?

  6. what shall I do whith this file? how do I install it?

  7. I flew with Google Earth’s built-in flight simulator and used the F-16 Cockpit Add-on. Great stuff I must say.

  8. Whats the difference between Microsoft’s version and Google’s?

  9. Airplane mode, or Flight Simulator mode, allows Google Earth users to operate a simulated F-16 or SR22 aircraft to view a user-specified area. The Flight Simulator allows you to use your mouse or controller to operate and direct the aircraft.

  10. It seems that this feature stops working in midflight on my google earth. I am running OSX, is it not compatible with MAC?

  11. For me its just a black box in the corner?

  12. At first chart plotter worked nicely.. now it doesnt show up the map.. its just black..

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