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Brand New Beijing Olympics Satellite Imagery in Google Earth

Beijing 2008 Olympics Venues in Google EarthGoogle has quietly slipped in brand new satellite imagery taken by Geoeye which was taken on July 19th, 2008 showing the Beijing Olympics venues. I’ve been expecting Google to do some new imagery in anticipation for the Olympics – just like they did for the Torino Olympics two years ago. A GEB reader let me know the imagery had been updated within the last day (Thanks Stephen!). Keep a close watch on the area. I wouldn’t be surprised if more 3D models of the new facilities and other photos started appearing at the 2008 venues. [UPDATE: GEB reader ‘Pablenko’ pointed out that Google has made lots of GE 3D models for the Olympics which you can see in the 3DWarehouse here.] Just enter “Beijing” in the “Fly to” search field in Google Earth, and search north about 10 km (6 miles) to see the new stadiums and other facilities. It’s an amazing transformation compared to imagery showing the area before it was completed last fall. The Google Maps imagery is still showing the older imagery, look at it quick though as it may be updated soon is also now updated (August 1) with the new imagery.
You can get a tour of some of the key locations at the Beijing Olympic venues through EarthSwoop (if you’re on Windows), which uses the Google Earth API plugin.

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