British Pool Crashers Using Google Earth

Pool business in Google EarthIn the UK, a bunch of teens are using Google Earth to help find houses with pools they can target for impromptu pool parties. The teens are apparently using FaceBook and other social networking tools to organize an event, according to the police. The police are pointing out that this is trespassing and is therefore illegal. Google Earth is certainly the best known satellite mapping tool – but, there are several other free satellite mapping tools which have high resolution photos for the UK: Microsoft, and Yahoo all have suitable satellite photos for pool searches as well. Anytime new technologies reach a critical mass of popularity – teenagers will think of new ways to use them for fun. The good often comes along with some bad.
This story was picked up by a variety of other news media including US-based online tech publications like Wired and searchenginewatch. So, if you have a pool, it would be a good idea to keep a watch in case this craze catches on.
This reminds me of some other pool stories involving Google Earth:

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