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  • Tutorial on PlacemarksGeoChalkboard has posted another nice tutorial, this time on making compelling placemark description bubbles. Definitely worth a read if you are trying to make some KML look professional.

  • Directions Saving – Barry Hunter has posted some tips on saving driving directions on Google Maps to a Google My Maps. The technique he uses involves outputting them to KML, and involves a program he wrote. The result means you can also view the directions in Google Earth. You might want to use the Google Maps feature to drag your directions (which isn’t available yet in Google Earth). Then view the directions in Google Earth. This should let you do that. He has a couple of other related articles.

  • Geo Sitemap – At Where 2.0, I mentioned an announcement from Google of a new capability allowing you to create Geo Sitemaps – used to inform Google when you have new geo content for their Geo Search index (in other words, allow people to find your maps/KML). They have posted an article about how to do this at the Maps API blog.

  • Random Tip – A Googler showed me an interesting tip for Google Earth. While viewing a location you are interested in, you can search for “*” in the “Fly-To” search field and it will return all known results from their Geo Search index for that location (10 at a time).

  • MapWiki – Valery Hronusov has written about another cool tool (which he helped develop). He’s calling it Mapwiki and announced it at the GEC. It lets people edit maps and you can see the updates immediately in a KML network link in Google Earth. There is even an interface for iPhone.

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  1. Hy!
    If I am right, there is new imagery in big parts (~1/3 of the whole country) of Austria, and in some areas of Hungary (the city of Pecs, Szombathely).

  2. Here is my short post about the new imagery from Austria and Hungary (sorry, but only in Hungarian):

  3. Is there a way to save a google earth “fly to” to a computer or a thumb drive?

  4. Is there a way to save a google earth “fly to” to a computer or a thumb drive?

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