Google News Layer for Google Earth Next Week

I will be writing some more summaries from Where 2.0 2008 tomorrow. But, I just wanted to share one bit of Google Earth news from today’s sessions. Lior Ron, Product Manager of Google Maps, made several Google Maps announcements in his talk today (more details tomorrow). One thing he announced, is a plan to release a Google News layer for both Google Earth and Google Maps (in the new “More…” layer option for Google Maps). Google News aggregates news from thousands of news sources all over the world.
Google joined up with the New York Times and released just over a month ago the first built-in live updating layer of news from the NY Times in Google Earth. Now they have apparently determined some ways to get geospatial information for a wide range of news sources and will release this new layer – according to Lior Ron – in about a week. It will be interesting to see how they highlight each news agency’s content and attribution in this new layer. I assume you’ll have to link back to their web page to read the full stories.
More Where 2.0 news tomorrow. You can read more Where 2.0 news for Google Earth: Day 1 summary, Google John Hanke Keynote, and Day 2 summary.

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  1. The future of the internet is starting folks… it will ALL revolve around Google Earth… this is the beginning

  2. I think they will be using the Associated Press and Agence France Press news stories which Google hosts on their own servers and which already geotagged in Google news

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