New UN Refugee Information in Google Earth

UN HCR Refugee layer in Google EarthThe office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has released, with help from Google Earth Outreach, new Google Earth content which documents UN projects involving Refugee camps. The announcement was made today in Geneva where the UN world headquarters are located. Google Earth Outreach Director Rebecca Moore was on hand for the announcement as were several notables of the United Nations.
The new content for Google Earth can be found at a special web page for the UNHCR here. Or, you can simply follow this link to download the file for Google Earth. Once loaded you zoom in to different areas of the world to get placemarks with information on UN Refugee projects. The placemarks are categorized with different icons representing different types of information (as shown in the legend on the left). Some of the placemarks contain YouTube videos showing the camps, or interviews with refugees. And, there are photos and stories, with links back to their web site. There is also support for other languages.
Presumably the layer will be updated periodically with new information, and possibly it will be added to the Google Earth Global Awareness layer. This is one of several new layers introduced recently by the Google Earth Outreach team. Last week we had the Greenpeace layer introduced in Hamburg, Germany; two more layers from UNICEF and US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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