Google Earth Imagery Update for April – Official Details

The imagery update which was released this Tuesday was pretty big. In fact, the official list just released is quite lengthy. Google has just posted the answers to their little riddle post, and the details which I’ll repeat here for your enjoyment. Oh, and it’s not only imagery, but also new higher resolution 3D terrain in Montbeliard, France; Antarctica; Portugal; and Fort Saskatchewan, Canada. Thanks to all the GEB readers who contributed to the list I was updating this week to help people find new imagery! Also, note that there are several new countries with Spot Image 2.5 meter (medium resolution) data – Like North Korea and near its border in China. You’re going to love exploring all this new imagery.
Here’s the official – and lengthy – list of new coverage and updates for this release:

New high resolution:

– Canada: British Columbia, Catham (ON), London (ON), Guelph (ON), Meadford (ON), Thornburry (ON), parts of Division 15 and 6 (MB), Peterborough (ON), Catham (ON), Vancouver Island (BC), Sainte-Marie (QC)
– USA: Sitka (AK), Warren County (TN), Dayton (OH), Greenville (SC), Kingsport (TN), Lufkin (TX)
– Mexico: Tehuacan, Poza Rica, Cordoba, San Cristobal, Tulancingo, Comitan, Guanajuato, Texmelucan, Valle Hermoso, Etzatlan, Ocotlan, Bernal
– Bolivia: Camiri, Monteagudo, Paracti
– Cuba: El Cobre, Puerto Padre, Santa Lucia, Trinidad, Manicaragua, Placetas, Rodas, Guines, Artemisa, Guanajay, Consolacion del Sur
– Colombia: Barrancabermeja, Cartaga, Magangue, Piedecuesta, Ipiales, Plato, Pajuil, Pitalito,
– Costa Rica: Manuel Antonio, Cartago, San Ramon
– Brazil: Santa Maria, Taubate, Angra dos Reis, Alagoinhas, Garanhuns, Santa Cruz do Sul, Catolina, Cruz Alta, Congonhas, Rolandia, Leopoldina, Itaqui, Panambi, Rio Pardo, Piraju, Santa Quiteria, Ibirama, Orleans, Cristalina, Garanhuns, Arapiraca, Armacao dos Buzios, Peruibe, Vacaria
– Guatemala: Puerto Barrios, Coban, Iglesia, San Marcos, Soloma, Chiquimula
– Honduras: Puerto Cortes, Tela, Catacamas, Santa Rosa, El Progreso
– Nicaragua: El Viejo, Bluefields, Boaco
– Panama: Puerto Armuelles, Boquete, Santiago, Gatun
– Paraguay: Horqueta, Sapucai
– Argentina: Junin, Zarate, Gualeguay, Mercedes, Balcarce, Purmamarca, Esquina, Baradero, Justo Darat, Aguilares, Alvear
– Chile: 2.5m imagery for the northern half of the country

Europe, Middle East & Africa:
– Spain: Guadalajara, Almunecar, Almagro
– Italy: Trani, Corato, Pizzo, Artena
– Portugal: Costelo Branco, Ovar
– Wales: entire country
– Norway: Kristiansand
– Finland: Muurame
– France: Bourdeaux, Istres, Montbeliard
– Sweden: Angelholm, Sodertalje
– Romania: Lasi, Brasov, Ploiesti, Bralia, Hunedoara, Deva, Lugoj
– Russia: Belovo, Anapa, Novgorod
– Serbia: Subotica, Novi Pazar
– Hungary: Szeged, Tiszaujvaros, Kecel, Kiskoros
– Greece: Janina, Lamia, Kavala, Makri, Pilos, Monemvassia, Kastro, Astipalea, Leros, Symi
– Poland: Swarzedz, Lapy
– The Ukraine: Poltava, Kerch, Feodosiia, Torez, Khotyn, Chernihiv
– Belarus: Dzerzhinsk, Smorgon, Borisov, Ivanovo, Barslaw, Miory
– Bulgaria: Velingrad, Peshtera, Chirpan, Rakovski, Omurtag, Kotel
– Croatia: Metkovic, Sibenik
– Estonia: Tartu, Viljandi, Voru, Pechory, Jovega, Poltsamaa, Johvi, Rakvere, Keila
– Lithuania: Pabrade, Pakruojis
– Latvia: Talsi, Gramzda
– Slovenia: Trebnj
– Bosnia and Herzegovina: Capljina
– Cape Verde: almost entire country
– Turkey: Trabzon, Diyarbakir, Eskisehir, Samsun, Adapazari, Sivas, Turgutlu, Anamur
– Tunisia: Jamnah, Arhir, Taguermess, Gabes, Sfax, Chebba, Bekalta, Kasserine, Metlaoui, Tozeur
– Somalia: Eyl
– Sudan: Umm Ruwabah, Sinjay, Shuwak
– Syria: Idlib, Manbij, Ariha, As Suwayda
– Moldova: Chisinau, Rybnica
– Algeria: Constantine, Annaba, Tindouf, In Salah, Tiaret, Collo, Jijel, Guelma, Tlemcen, Kenadsa
– Central African Republic: Iawa, Goubali
– Chad: Sarh, Mongo, Ati, Oum Hadjer
– Niger: Agades, Ayorou, Tassessat
– Angola: Kuito
– Oman: Muttrah
– Siera Leon: Bo, Daru
– Malawi: Blantyre, Zomba
– Morocco: Oujda, Kenitra, Beni Mellal, Larache, Berrechid, Oualidia, Sidi Slimane, Midelt, Khenifra, Ifrane
– Mauritania: Atar, Terjit, Chinguetti, Oualata
– Mali: Kolondieba, Yanfolila, Sikasso, San, Segou, Dire
– Guinea: Kankan, Kouroussa, Faranah, Dabola, Dinguiraye, Labe
– Ethiopia: Weldiya, Wikro, Debark
– Democratic Republic of the Congo: Mwene-Ditu, Kananga, Mweka, Mbanza-Ngungu, Buta
– Djibouti: Obock
– Libya: Banghazi, Tobruk, Darnah
– Faeroe Islands: Hvalba, Sumba, Gjogv
– Eritrea: Keren, Tessenei
– Mozambique: Tete
– Burinka Faso: Garango, Kaya, Djibo, Orodara, Gorom-Gorom
– Benin: Dijougou, Dassa-Zoume, Kouande
South Africa: 2.5m imagery for the entire country
– Namibia: 2.5m imagery for the entire country
– Botswana: 2.5m imagery for the entire country
– Zimbabwe: 2.5m imagery for the entire country
– Lesotho: 2.5m imagery for the entire country
– Swaziland: 2.5m imagery for the entire country

Asia & Oceania:
– Japan:
Mt Fuji, Sasayama, Mukaigatao, Biei, Tochigi
– Taiwan: Chia-li, Ma-tou
– Thailand: Hat Yai, Ubon Ratchathani, Pattani, Warin Chamrap, Mukdahan,
– Kazakhstan: Shakhtinsk, Kulsary, Saran, Atbasar, Kokchetav, Aksay
– Laos: Wat Phou
– Armenia: Abovyan, Kirovakan
– Thailand: Nai Muang, Ban Dong Tong
– Georgia: Sukhumi, Khashuri, Kareli
– China: Three Gorges Dam, Guiping, Chin-men
– Vanuatu: Port-Vila
– Azerbaijan: Agdam, Agdzhabedy, Gobustan, Kuba, Kusary, Sheki, Zakataly
– South Korea: Euijeongbu, Cheonan
– North Korea: 2.5m imagery for the entire country
– Australia: 2.5m imagery for New South Wales & part of Western Australia

Updated Imagery:
– Canada: Vancouver (BC), Sarina (ON), Brantford (ON), Birmingham,
– USA: Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, part of New York City, Round Rock (TX), Marble Falls (TX), Polk County (FL), Mecklenburg County (NC), Montgomery County (OH), much of eastern PA
– Mexico: Zacatecas, Aquascalientes, Durango, Merida
– Guatemala: Guatemala City
– Honduras: Tegucigalpa

Europe, Middle East & Africa:
– England: Brixham, Paignton, Oxford, Nottingham
– Spain: Malaga, Marbella, Zaragoza
– Italy: Genoa, Rimini, Palermo
– Greece: Kalamaria, Messolonghi, Patra
– Bulgaria: Plovdiv
– Moldova: Chisinau, Beltsy
– The Ukraine: Dnepropetrovsk
– Morocco: Tanger, Fes, Meknes, Rabat, El Jadida, Safi, Agadir
– Guinea: Conakry
– Somalia: Mogadishu

Asia & Oceania:
– China:
Beijing, Haikou, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing
– South Korea: Daegu

Updated Terrain:
– Montbeliard, France
– Fort Saskatchewan, Canada
– Portugal
– Antarctica

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was released. He worked in 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition.


  1. pls sir update to fatehpur District gujurat .google earth is the amizing .

  2. Finally, McMurdo Station in Antarctica has high resolution. Image pretty dark though.
    When will they put more of Scotland in high resolution? The imagery for the Orkney Islands is pathetic.

  3. Jim Crouch says:

    How do I get Google Earth to update the area where I live? There have been many changes due to development and agricultural activities. The last update was sometime in early 2004.

  4. In France, it’s Bordeaux (capital of wine) and not Bourdeaux

  5. Theo Garus says:

    On the April Imagery Update, my Property located at 49-14-22N /122-12-46W gives me an upgrade with a superior Image but a down date with an Image taken on the eleventh day of March 2004. The superior Image permits me to date it by the clearly defined activities. Previously the Image was from late 2006 or early 2007. I traveled the world for over 30 years and like to visit the many places on Google Earth and note the changes but I don’t need a history lesson. The gray 3D buildings in most Cities are disappointing. The best I have found is Hamburg Germany.

  6. In Romania list … the first town it’s IASI not LASI.

  7. Santanu Chatterjee says:

    How do I get Google Earth to update the area where I live? There have been many changes due to development and agricultural activities. The last update was sometime in early 2005.

  8. What about the Philippines?? Its been ages since an update??!

  9. And how about Bristol, England. Many changes…
    Anyways keep up the good work 🙂

  10. waht is about south of germany ? South from munic we have a lot of changes and the last update was sometime in 2002.
    good work, big planet but slow updates 🙁

  11. Robert Koeppel says:

    When will the Fresno area be updated?
    The current data is FIVE years old.
    I bought the Pro version and it’s useless!
    It has the same images as when I bought the first version of Keyhole.
    Interestingly enough, the imagery for the Owens valley was updated when Steve Fossett went missing and that’s only 40 miles away as the crow files.

  12. I’ve been waiting for more than a year to see some updated imagery (with good resolution) covering Nepal. One would expect Google to be more generous in covering the place(s) with the highest mountain range in the world.
    Please don’t just concentrate on North America and Europe.

  13. Hi,
    The Bangalore map is more than 4 years old and comes as not so pleasant surprise especially when Google has a software development centre here.
    Major roads and residential layouts have sprung up in last 5 years. People from all over the world come here for business/pleasure and it would be helpful to them as well as we residents if we can see the latest satelite images of Bangalore.
    It would be great if Google can update the latest maps for Bangalore.

  14. PLS add Lublin in Poland/EU. Largest city in eastern Poland and the capital of Lublin Voivodeship. ~ 51.239136 22.568665,22.568665&spn=0.30651,0.639954&z=11

  15. Indra Sharan KC says:

    Nepal is left out in terms of new updated high resolution imageries whereas the neighboring regions are pretty well swollen with it. But I can not think Google Earth in terms of its partiality to nations. Whatever is given is great anyway. If Google Earth was not there, we would not have made such a comment. It does not mean that we are not longing to see more good things for the Himalayas from GE.

  16. Gary G Bertsch says:

    How to show county names in Google Earth????

  17. I need the date of the Earth Google image now shown at the point S 29°58’40” – W 69°38’00”, in Argentina mountain zone.
    I selected the layer More for see the imagery limits and info, but exactly this point is located amongst dated rectangles, out of any rectangle. Some closer images are Spot dated in Jan-Mar 2007, but I noted that the place I referred was updated about May 2008.
    I cannot find how to consult about imagery dates. Does exist an on-line service where I enter coordinates and I get the date?
    Thank you,
    Gabriel – Argentina

  18. Hi All,
    I want to see my hometown Jiribam located on Google earth.It is a strategic location,located in the area next to the Golden triangle Trade Corridor in South east Asia.
    I tried to update the location pin pointed,however i couldn’t update those location on a permanent basis.How do i update the name of the location and named the same permanantly on Google earth.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  19. it’s nice! How can i see my county names in this Google earth?can i have more info. about it?

  20. It is very interesting..Can you give us more of it? I want to know more about this post.

  21. How it can be done? Are there any other way?nice blog!

  22. – how about the other Asian countries?? I wonder why there’s only two of them updated..And also I would like to hear updates from the Philippines…This blog could be more efficient if only it is global..

  23. – how about the other Asian countries?? I wonder why there’s only two of them updated..And also I would like to hear updates from the Philippines…This blog could be more efficient if only it is global..

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