Google Earth 4.3 First Impressions and Screenshots

[UPDATE 2145 ET: I’ve created a quick video demo of 4.3 and put it on YouTube …. And, here is a YouTube demo by Google of 4.3].
Google Earth 4.3 (beta) is now available – it’s available for all versions including the free version. You can download it from the Google Earth download page or download it on GEB’s download page. The Google Earth web site has been updated, and the User Guide now reflects 4.3 tips.
This is Google Earth 4.3 (beta) – an incremental update with new features and some pretty cool new data as well. Based on the last release, we’ll probably see an update to this version, fixing any problems that surface for the beta, and an official 4.3 will be released in a few weeks. Also, this is NOT a major new version (which presumably would be called GE 5.0 – and would contain a whole suite of new capabilities, data and interfaces). However, as mentioned in my earlier post, there are some significant new features.
First off, we have new day/night lighting effects. You can turn on a real-time sunlight which shines on the new atmospheric lighting Google has added. Look for the new sun icon in the upper middle (next to the new Sky button). Once it loads, you will see the current position of the sun. You can grab the time slider to change the sun over the course of a whole day so you can see the sun from sunrise to sunrise. Note that the lighting effects the atmosphere, so you actually get color changes near the horizon, and on clouds (if you turn on the Weather->Clouds layer). Here are some sample screenshots showing the lighting effects:

Day/Night in Google Earth 4.3
Day / Night Shot from Space

Sunrise on Denver in Google Earth 4.3
Sunrise in Denver with 3D Buildings

I expect there will be some pretty screenshots showing some cool lighting effects in the coming days…
Keep reading this post for more details and screenshots.

Next, let’s look at Street View. Turn on the Street View layer in the lower left. As you zoom in over the US, you’ll see gold camera icons representing locations with Street Views. You can zoom in closer to see vast arrays of Street View icons. If you click on one, you get a placemark description allow you to “Jump into Street View“. This takes you inside the Google Earth Photo Viewer and lets you pan and zoom around on the inside of the Street View panorama you selected. As you look around, you will see successive Street View icons available down the streets. You can double click those to move to that next Street View image. Here’s a screenshot showing several spherical Street View panoramas which you can see if you zoom closer (not all Street Views are spherical however – these were seen in Raleigh, North Carolina).

Google Earth 4.3 screenshot of Street View
Street View in Google Earth

Next up – New and faster 3D models. Google has optimized the loading and performance of 3D buildings. When you first turn on the 3D Buildings layer near a city with models, you’ll see simplistic versions of the buildings load up really fast, then they gradually get more solid and load more texture detail. Meanwhile, performance of the scene updates quite speedy. This is a huge improvement over 4.2 which would get bogged down on a city like Denver which had hundreds of models. For models which come from the Google 3D Warehouse, when you float your mouse over a building the model highlights in “blue”. If you select it, you see a placemark description telling you about the model and providing a link back to 3D Warehouse. But, here’s some real news! It just so happens my home city is Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh is one of several cities with hundreds of new buildings which appear to have been automatically generated. I’ve asked some Googlers about this, but so far they’re not telling me where they came from. But, practically the entire city area has photorealistic 3D buildings (but, no trees!). I have no idea how many cities have the new buildings. But, here’s a few I found: San Francisco, Baltimore, Raleigh, Charlotte, Boston, Orlando, Austin, Oakland, and Phoenix (let me know if you find more). You can tell if they are the new ones because they don’t highlight “blue” when you put your mouse on them. Here’s a screenshot of San Francisco:
Google Earth 4.3 screenshot of San Francisco 3D Buildings
San Francisco in Google Earth 4.3

One other thing – I noticed Google favors showing a user-built 3D model over the new “automatically” generated buildings. So, you’ll see a mixture for most cities of the two types. [UPDATE 4/17: Google has posted more details about the 3D Buildings in 4.3]
Google Earth 4.3 Nav GadgetsNext up – New navigation gadgets and controls. This one will be a little hard to explain in words. I’m going to have to do a video to demonstrate. The intent here is obviously to help people realize Google Earth is really 3D. I’ve always been surprised by the number of people who use Google Earth and only look straight down (like with Google Maps satellite views). Google has tried to address this with the new gadgets. First, the new zoom gadget at the bottom seems to work the same, but when you zoom in close to the ground it will tilt your view increasingly to the horizontal. Next up, the middle gadget does panning pretty much like the normal gadget. The really new feature is the top right gadget. The gadget with the “all-seeing-eye” (I imagine lots of people are going to make jokes about Google putting the “eye of providence” in Google Earth). This gadget allows you to look around in 3D like you are standing in one place. It takes some getting used to, but if you are in a city, or near 3D terrain, it really works pretty slick! Another tip, if you click your Middle Mouse Button, you now get a marker for the place you clicked and you can hold the button down and use your mouse to tilt and rotate about that point. This is a little different than in previous versions of Google Earth, but it works pretty well. I’ll give more details and a video in a future post about this. Important tip: to get your self re-oriented quickly – click in the 3D window and then hit the “r” key on your keyboard. This resets to “straight-down, north-up” viewing.
And, now for Imagery dates. This one is really simple. Zoom in to imagery and put your mouse over it. If you are close enough, and the imagery has a date available, you’ll see a date appear in the status bar at the bottom. Like this:
image date

One other major new feature is Mac support of Flash (works pretty much like with Windows – but, there’s some weirdness with YouTube playback). And that’s all I have time for now.
[UPDATEhere’s some more GEB thoughts and details on the new release.]
If you’re having problems with Google Earth 4.3, report them to the Google Earth Support Forum, or read this post for some pointers on 4.3 and instructions on how to go back to 4.2.

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. Thanks for keeping some of us ahead of the curve (if only by a few hours)! Some fun new stuff to explore in this version. As for the new buildings, it looks like they might be using more than one source. When I was looking at Phoenix, a copyright notice was shown that said “Buildings Copyright 2008 Sanborn.” Sanborn is apparently a “Total Solutions Geospatial” company. However, I checked Raleigh and didn’t see any such copyright notice. Haven’t looked around at other cities to see if any others show a similar copyright message. Just thought you might like to know!

  2. One caution: make sure you have a copy of your prev. version of GE on hand in case this one fails.
    I downloaded the update, but it won’t log me in. It says my email addr. and license key don’t match what they have for me.
    I tried it several times, uninstall, install. When I installed the prev. version, 4.2.0205.5730 (the latest I have on disk), it works fine. I install this 4.3.7191.6508(beta) again, and again it won’t let me in. BTW, I’m GE Plus, and my license is good until December.
    When I cancel the login, I don’t get the earth, but I can see help/about, and that shows the correct email/license.
    I’m loathe to call GE support just yet. I expect they’ll be getting a zillion calls.

  3. Jared Cherup says

    Has anyone’s print capability been disabled with the new version? I have GE Plus and print is grayed out.

  4. I’m getting the same login error, and I have plus as well. Shows my License Key and username when I call up “about google earth”, and asks me to enter the “correct” username when I try to login. Even if I cut and paste the username, it’s no go!

  5. I can’t get the lighting of the sky to work. It darkens the imagery but the sky stays the same blue color. no nighttime or dawn. Help!

  6. My atmosphere will not darken when using the sunlight feature. Anyone else having this problem?

  7. Did you guys try dragging the time slider so it is night time where you are? Or is there no darkening on any side of the globe?
    Also, are you using DirectX or OpenGL for your 3D Options setting?

  8. Alistair Roe says

    Just wondering – which is better, OpenGl or DirectX? I have an nVidia 8800GTS and a reasonable fast computer. Also, what is the correct version number? I used the old method of getting it without the updater and it gave me the 4.3.7191.6508(beta)version. Is this the right one? Thanks.

  9. frank, i tried it on OpenGL and DirectX. The terrain is getting dark and stuff, its just when i tilt the view down below the clouds, the sky is still blue but the ground is darkened.

  10. John Bailey says

    Make the earth disappear – I suspect this is a bug related to the sunlight effect. However, when you first open GE if you click on “primary database” in layers (this now highlights it blue) and play with the transparency slider in Places…the base imagery can be made to disappear. (This stops working after you activate KML in Places)

  11. As always, thanks for the updates and information! Sacramento, CA has 3D buildings now. The downtown is a mix of gray boxes and photorealistic images. Its SO nice to have flash videos working for the Mac version. Now I can finally ditch the Dell completely!

  12. Looks really cool, but is crashing on my Ubuntu 7.10 with nVidia GeForce 7600GT 🙁

  13. thanks for review for new Gearth
    it was great video i will show Turkey

  14. It seems that The shots are from a professional Nikon Camera.Good Going GOOGLE.Great Show…

  15. Well, in my case the new atmosphere shows only in OpenGL mode, in DirectX shows the atmosphere that we can see in previous versions of Google Earth.
    The new atmosphere slows down Google Earth and all the other programs I may be using, and sometimes restarts my computer, so I guess it can be used only by powerful computers. The new atmosphere is beautiful.

  16. Anyone with missing sun shading, try updating your video drivers. Upgrading to Catalyst 8.3 fixed the issue for me.

  17. Since I’ve updated to 4.3 GE will no longer open links with my browser. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Wikipedia link, community link, Panaramio, etc. …when I click nothing happens. Very frustrating. I’ve shut down and re-opend my browser and GE several times, quadruple checked the setting in GE (it’s fine) but I can’t get it to work. It’ll open them just fine inside not GE, but not outside.

  18. Seems really VERY buggy to me. The indication that’s streaming has gone and it doesn’t seem to load more detailed textures when you zoom in. Also, I can’t see any 3D buildings – even for the same locations shown in the screenshots above. I’m going to have to somehow reinstall the old one as 4.3 is unusable.

  19. Nick – The streaming indicator is now that tiny circle in the bottom right corner of your screen. When it becomes solid light blue, you’re at 100%.

  20. Many thanks, Frank, for early news of GE 4.3 and for your very helpful intro and comments.
    Welcome new features, especially navigation, but my side of the globe opens in the dark at the moment, daylight coming on the zoom in, even though it is 14.30 and broad daylight – is there a tip?
    Snooping around the streets of US cities is fun, but when one US city gets to look like another, try the Gigapan layer for some European cities like Brussels – only a few place marks compared to street view, but it seems to use the same functionality.
    Date of image is a great addition.

  21. chris, about opening in the dark. There are three possibilities here: 1) you have adjusted the time slider from the current time – turn on/off the “show sunlight” button to get it to reset to the current time, or drag the slider. 2) you could be referring to the sky from the ground – if “View->Atmosphere” is turned off, the sky will remain black even if it’s daylight. 3) You could have a graphics card problem. I would suggest trying changing between OpenGL/DirectX, or upgrading your graphics card driver (there have been reports of new drivers fixing problems like this).

  22. Overnight, the GE folks replied to my email question regarding inability to log in. They said that they “updated my account” and I can now “log in without further issues”. I was able to get into the prev. version just fine, so I think there was a glitch on their end. Also, the email mentioned a fix for my printing problem, but I didn’t report a printing problem. I think they’re busy squashing bugs and responding to a flood of help tickets.

  23. I was just on the GE list and saw that the “email” route is what you need if you’re having trouble. The problem is, finding that route is difficult.
    In order to contact GE support via “email”, you first must be using GE Plus. The free version does not allow you to use this feature.
    Then, you have to know where to go. You don’t email them. You go to a web page and fill out a message form, which then gets submitted. They will email you with their reply. When you fill out the form, you’re asked for the license key of your Plus account.
    Finding that on-line form to fill out is impossible. I’ve spent a long time trying to navigate my way to it. No luck. You have to know the address (URL). Here it is:

  24. One thing I noticed was that the buildings from the Best of 3D Warehouse layer are now clickable. I wonder if they’ll make that feature available for models you add yourself. In my case this would mean I could have an interior model of my building with different machines I can click to pop up an html description. This would be so much better than putting in placemarks near the models, which is what I’ve had to do.

  25. I am now able to log in as well, thanks to an “updated account” from the google folks. Sent my message to them late last night, and had a response early this morning. Right off, one thing I’ve noticed is that switching between Earth and Sky is much quicker now!

  26. Dunkleosteus says

    DROKK! When I installed GE (basic version) on Ubuntu it worked perfectly (well, almost: after returning from the sky view I noticed several of the layers had become unselected). After restarting the program only the starfield was visible i.e. connection to the server was not available. When trying to reconnect, nothing happens.

  27. Frank – thanks for the suggestions about the globe opening in the dark, but I should have said that there is a daylight crescent to the west = perhaps midnight over Europe – on the opening view. The time slider is correct and darkness advances correctly with ‘sunlight’ on, atmosphere is on, and the graphics card seems OK in all other respects. But it’s no great problem, just a mystery.

  28. Is anybody else having problems with links not opening in your browser? I’ve uninstalled and re-installed GE 3 times, making sure to delete all traces of GE, and I still can’t it to open any links in my browser (Maxthon). It always worked with 4.2 but no longer worls with 4.3. I guess I’ll be tracking down a copy of 4.2 to re-install. 🙁

  29. Sure enough, I re-installed 4.2.0205.5730 and links once again open just fine in my browser.

  30. Hello,
    Anyone else not seeing the “Clouds” layer? Not loading for me.
    I have error notification on and it says that it can’t find the NetworkLink for the Clouds.kml url.

  31. demjan rozman says

    I have the sam problem with the atmosphere.
    I installed google earth on my computer and on my laptop. It seems if you install it on the laptop the atmosphere doesn’t darken but if you have google earth on the computer the atmosphere darken’s

  32. Brent, I’ve asked beta testers, and there is a bug registered that links won’t open with the Maxthon browser with this beta version. Hopefully the problem will be fixed before Google releases the final version of 4.3.

  33. Frank, thank you for the information, it’s appreciated. I was ready to pull my hair out yesterday trying to get 4.3 to work. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one experiencing the problem and that’s it’s known about so it will hopefully be fixed soon. If it helps I’m using version 1.6.3 (build 80) Unicode.

  34. Josh Wilson says

    Great article Frank. Have you tried out any sundials yet?

  35. j carerra says

    When I go to the download page
    and click on “Agree and Download,” nothing happens. In IE7 I get an “Error on page” message in the status bar. In Firefox, I get nothing. No response and no download from either browser.

  36. GE free on Ubuntu 7.10 I can’t login. I have uninstalled , reinstalled, deleted the cache all to no avail. I can login to GE and it works fine if I sudo googlearth.
    I’ve reinstalled 4.2 and it works fine as a normal user

  37. jon briggs says

    GE 4.3 might be fun and cool in windows but unusable in linux they used 144 point font size in the menus so nothing else shows up but the menus.
    screen shot:

  38. I’ve been searching since I downloaded 4.3.7191.6508 (beta) but I cant seem to find the “traffic layer”. It used to be there but now its gone.
    I thought it might only show up where traffic was reported so i went to Google maps, found a city reporting traffic (Miami), went back to Google Earth and still no Traffic layer.
    Its even in the picture on the preview page so i know it supposed to be there!!!!

  39. One of the first things that I noticed was the way that 4.3 can not handle alpha transparency with PNG textures. I realy hope that this is sorted for the final version as some of the best models use PNG. Also some of the compression on models has mashed the geometry to a new level of odness. Models are the future please take care Google.

  40. Weirwindle says

    I just downloaded version 4.3 beta and was wondering if anyone else has had problems with photo placement. For me it seems to zoom to other places on the world as I try to change the field of view at a tilted angle.

  41. Google Earth 4.3 (beta) is a great pre-release in one sense and in another it has gone compression happy to get a ‘sometimes’ better overall experience. The main area of concern for me personally is the 3D layer.
    First off there seems to be a current lack of support for transparency within model textures. This includes the edges of PNG textures in addition to transparency applied to textures from within SketchUp. I am getting the effect inside 4.3 that any model with a transparency applied will appear to be totally transparent right through the building, thus exposing the background landscape. Seeing that PNG texturing is a way for artists to reduce polygon counts with detailed geometry within a model and therefore load the model quicker I really hope this is sorted properly.
    Secondly, many of the ‘Best Of The 3D Warehouse’ models have had polygons removed by Google’s compression algorithms to such a level as to mash up faces of the buildings to a completely unrecognisable degree. Why Google doesn’t allow modellers to build special versions of their models purposely for the 3D layer, while maintaining the higher definition models inside the 3D Warehouse I will never know.

  42. Have you figured out how they are doing those 3D buildings yet, such as Charlotte? There are under-construction skyscrapers that are showing up. Such as here: 35.223864,-80.848485. That building will be about 48 stories tall, is currently about 15 stories tall, in the Google Earth rendering is about 4 stories tall, and in the aerial imagery it is just a hole in the ground. The aerial is from March of 2007. The Google Earth building rendering is from about November of 2007 as seen here: .
    How did they do it?!?!!

  43. I have downloaded GE 4.3.7191 and when I click on any KML link in my application, it is saying ‘Unknown File Type’ and does not open it in GE.
    I’m using ‘application/’ as MIME-TYPE.
    Even when I explicitly double click on any KML file in my folder, it does not open up.
    It works only when I open the KML file through File – Open (Menu of the GE).
    Is this a known bug in GE 4.3.7191 BETA version?
    This all used to work fine with GE 4.2.0205

  44. Has anyone had trouble adding or editing an old link. When I try drawing a link an error window appears and crashes. Old version didnt do this so assuming sometings happed when installing new version. Have tried re-installing but still has problem. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

  45. Jonathan says

    I really hate the new navigation interface, its gone from the really useful tilt control to some sort of automatic feature, which never does what I want or expect. Great step backwards, I wish you had left this alone.

  46. A noticeable improvement with this version, thanks!
    The only thing that bugs me is the Sun Lighting. I tried it on mountain scenes. It doesn’t look natural. You could improve a lot this useful feature and get a more realistic effect by making these corrections or additions:
    1. Adjustable shadow opacity with default value around 30%. That way we would not loose details in the shadow. At the moment it is all black except on edges.
    2. More precise and marked (not so feathered or “flou”) edges. In reality diffraction radius of light passing by the edge of large objects (“obstacles”) is not quite so broad, especially at short to medium distances from obstacle. Just look how mountains shadows are projected on the ground in original aerial photos! In the shadow region that lies close to the edges of an obstacle (mountain ridges for inst.) the feathering should be almost null if the relief transition is sharp. Perhaps the perceptual discomfort and lack of “realisticism” is due in parts to lack of resolution in the data of some regions (like the French Alps alas!) because i see slightly better results when visiting the Swiss Alps.
    3. A process to dim the existing shadows from the original aerial photos because they visually interfere (unless we are in the same timeframe as when the aerials were shot), but that’s another challenge for artificial intelligence… unless, knowing when they were shot we could recalculate the original shadow and somehow subtract it from the ground image. That doesn’t seem so far-fetched finally.
    3. Date of the year adjustment, in addition to the time of the day. I want to look at my favorite places not just today, but as it will be at every hour in the next seasons!
    4. Cast the shadow over the Image Overlays, not just over the base ground image. This can be offered as an option to users, yet i believe shadow over Overlay should be the default. I wish this effect would be on top of everything, like a filter, so as to affect also the photo-patches i have overlaid. This filter may also solve the inconvenient described in the next indentation.
    5. Prevent the disturbing checkered effect in which the shadow shows a different intensity when passing from one tile to the next (better smoothness of shadow across terrain tiles). I understand this is caused by a contrast increase in the shadow effect but perhaps contrast could be reduced together with suggestion in 1.
    6. Visibility of the solar disc and simulation of air layer impurities making it turn to orange or red at sunrise/set. Otherwise dusk color cast (orange light and purple shade) on landscape is quite good but it would be appreciated to have (yet) another control to raise light intensity and contrast to compensate for dimness, just the way the human eye compensates.
    Mountaineers, landscape photographers like me, and others, will appreciate. In any case i really congratulate you for working on this much needed visual and informative feature and for paying attention to facts like the changing sunlight color temperature.
    A few other suggestions for more practicability:
    + Floating and resizable palettes for Toolbar and Sidebar and ability to nudge them, even on a second monitor. Even better, divide Sidebar into 3 such floating palettes for Search, Places and Layers.
    + View Size / Computer Playback for 1024×800, 1200×1000 (approx)
    + change language on the fly
    All the best to Google Earth and its user community!
    François Villebrod, Valais, Switzerland

  47. Agreed!
    The new zoom system is really weird!!!
    If they add that as and option it is ok, but pleaseeee, the experiments never by default!!!

  48. I just upgraded to 4.3 and now I cannot see the earth, just a blank screen and tiny stars, how can I fix this or where can I find the old version to reinstall it?

  49. Major drawback. The new navigation system is awful

  50. I am new to this so here I go. I recently uploaded GE onto my office workstation. The upload and install seemed normal but my display window is now in Octal (No 8’s or 9’s or letters or punctuation of any sort) very confusing. I uploaded GE onto my home computer that same night and it works perfeclty. My question is this, Are there any system requirements that GE needs when it is installed onto a LAN computer?

  51. I just updated my free version and I can’t see street names. Checking the box for the “roads” layer has no effect. I agree with those who say the changes to the interface are confusing and non-intuitive.

  52. I ran google updater and now can’t login! All I get is an option to choose an email address, no addresses work! tired of wasting time I bought a new license using an email address that didn’t work. reinstalled. Still can’t get a complete login screen.

  53. Mark Noll says

    I can’t get the street names, place names, city names, or any labels with the new version. I uninstalled it and installed ver 4.2. Now I can’t get them on 4.2
    What gives?

  54. The worst aspect is the new navigation controls. Apart from my feeling that they are less aesthetic and less intuitive when you use the angle of view to go from vertical it rotates about a point behind you so that the place you want to see from a low angle disappears and you are looking miles in front. You then have to scroll backwards to try and find the hill, mountain whatever again. In the previous version of Google Earth the place you have in view stayed in view. This was so much better. I’m sticking with the old version.

  55. Can you tell if it should work on a Mac OSX 10.3.9, G3 (900 mhz)?
    1gb RAM. Video card is
    ATY,RageM3: (not exactly named on the ‘won’t work’ list but similar)
    VRAM (Total): 8 MB
    Device ID: 0x4c46
    Revision ID: 0x0002
    ROM Revision: 113-XXXXX-119
    (The old one that worked now says not supported on 10.3.9 and to download this beta but so far it just freezes halfway through starting)

  56. Sam Baker says

    I was wondering if their was a way to download some of thee new building models in the new version?

  57. I downloaded new GE ver. 4.2 but images are very dark.using daylight slider dosn’t work what can I do to brighten images to see them as in older versions

  58. Yeah I’m experiencing problems with the new atmosphere – that meaning it’s exactly the same. I’ve got the BETA version, and the sky is exactly the same as it used to be. The terrain gets the shadow, but I don’t get the dawn effect, and the sky stays blue. No matter of reinstalling and restarting and opeing with OpenGL has changed it at all.
    Also I noticed a few bugs. Try zooming in on the White House lawn using the keyboard or mouse wheel (NOT using the zoom instrument) and when you try to zoom more once its reached the ground, you get teleported to the occean.
    Also, zoom out as far as you can (the limit out in space), then hold down ctrl+up to tilt up. Just tilt a little bit, then press R to reset. Then press ctrl+up again, and keep going, you’ll end up about 75698237432834758374 kms from earth, really weird.
    But I love that the buildings load sheep-loads faster, and the sun shadow – so far, and the ability to tilt up (so you can look up at buildings), and street view!!

  59. I had no problems with version 4.2, but since I have downloaded 4.3 beta there is a white ring blocking most of the whole earth view. Any fast movements, such as a fly-over, result in a freeze-up. I have an Nvidia 7300 LE graphics card and 2 gigs of ram.

  60. new RMB navigation is rubbish..

  61. david allen says

    Google – please, please, please bring back the old navigation system. The new is one is hugely disorienting. I find myself going back to (oh my god) Microsoft.

  62. Cannot get GE 4.3 to open beyond the “tips” page. It locks up there. Error message indicates it is a Google problem, not a microsoft problem.
    Application does not respond beyond that point, even after3 installs/uninstalls. Had installed Virtual Earth prior. Intially thought VE was blocking the program. Both were uninstalled and Google Earth re-installed.
    What’s the answer to get Google Earth 4.3 working?

  63. smokeonit says

    and i hate that with the last release the zoom in/out shortcut was changed from apple & arrow up/down to function & arrow up & down. makes no sense. and is extremely unintuitive. and there’s no way to change it back… big bummer…!!!!

  64. Michael Bentley says

    I hate the new navigational system, where when you zoom in very close it changes from vertical view to a tilt, which distorts everything ridiculously. Is there any way to turn this off and remain vertical? If not, how do you go back to the old version?

  65. I downloaded the free version of google earth, and the path tool (to determine the distance) worked perfectly for two days, then on the third day after about one minute after I logged on to google earth, my computer froze. I tried this over 15 times, and each time it froze my computer when I began using the path tool. I unistalled and reinstalled Google earth and it is still freezing up my entire computer, so I have to manually shut it down. The control alt delete option does not work to get out of google earth.
    Has anyone encountered this problem, and knows how to fix it? It only happens when I try to use google earth

  66. I just noticed today that in my Google Earth 4.3.7284.3916 (beta) the traffic layer is missing. This is what it says where the layer should be in the layers list:
    Traffic: To view, please install
    The layer was fine in the last version of Google Earth I had. I’m running XP (service pack 2).

  67. Dear All,
    Please mail me if you have the detail of how to attach file reference (for a doc or pdf)inside the KML file
    Thanks in advance

  68. Anyone know if you can change the date in the sunlight view and how?

  69. I’m having similar problems with regards to the google earth 4.3, instrad of having a colourful photographic picture there is only a black screen with yellow borders instead of showing the picture which is to your left (border of colourful globe)on this website. i’m really struggling to fix this problem and i have re-installed a million times. please if you know a solution help! thanks alot guys!! 🙂

  70. 1. Image is blurred for most of Ethiopia
    2. Where does Google Earth get names of places in a country from? In Ethiopia’s case, especially for the City of Addis Ababa, most of the names are incorrect!
    3. I could’nt draw Polygon in Google Earth? And I could’nt understand why the software doesn’t let do that by simply moving the cursor along a line while clicking at the turning point and continue after changing direction?
    Please your help?

  71. Christa Stojanovic says

    Your comments did not help me. i used Global Earth many times.Now suddenly all I get is a black screen with white dots. What can I do to reinstall Google Earth?

  72. f shufeldt says

    I have a problem when using GE. It freezes my comp. as soon as I start searching w/ mouse. Have to shut down to get out of it. I don’t see an answer in the blog.

  73. when i use google earth patches of earth get mixed up

  74. My google earth will not run on my computer. I have removed it and reloaded it to no avail. It will start to open the runs very patchy. Whe I try to close out it wont respond. I am running XP.Any suggestions?

  75. I used Global Earth frequently in the past. Now, all I have is a black screen with white dots, and none of the functionality works. What do I need to do? It seems like I’m not alone with this problem.

  76. On one of my client’s computers, the earth “disappeared” after performing a Google Earth update. You can type in coords and it will zoom to them, but the earth is not visible, just space and stars. Anyone know how to fix this?

  77. In Linux (tested on Kubuntu 8.04): if you cannot see the Earth: in root mode remove all from: /home/(you name)/.config/Google and all with “Google” in the name from your home directory. After that reinstall GoogleEarth in root mode.

  78. vajindar Laddad says

    I want to know which technology is used to develop Google earth.
    Its really awesome …….

  79. Can someone please provide me with the answer of getting a photographic picture of the earth instead of a black display with yellow lines , i have removed it from my computer and installed it but i cannot seem to find the answer with how to finx this problem
    It would be much appreciated if you could help me
    Thank-you in advance

  80. in the previous version I had i could see photos taken from people all over the world just by clicking on a little blue ”frame” right by the place i wanted to see. in the new version (4.3) i can’t see that option.. help? tnx =) greetings from norway!

  81. 4.3 downloads without problems but PC crashes [mouse freezes] as soon as I try to open prog.
    In safe mode I get the sky [?] dots on black screen & no search facilities. I have uninstalled & reinstalled from scratch a number of times.
    Have previously run Earth without problems.
    Any clues out there?

  82. Peggy Gordon says

    I have lost the sidebars to Zoom, rotate, etc. although I am managing using the mouse to do all these things. Directions are the most missed element now.
    If I download again, will I lose all the waypoints that I have added to my present version?

  83. When I go to google earth and try to navigate through mouse or try to zoom the images or go to 3d images, my laptop (Lenovo- windows vista)shutdown unexpectedly, whereas on other sites or programs it works properly. Earlier I was not having such problem. Is any one facing or may resolve this problem?

  84. It was a lot fun but for some reason it just quit working right with dial-up. It just got terrible slow and that was just trying to login.

  85. It was a lot fun but for some reason it just quit working right with dial-up. It just got terrible slow and that was just trying to login.

  86. I’m experiencing problems with the new atmosphere – that meaning it’s exactly the same. I’ve got the BETA version, and the sky is exactly the same as it used to be. The terrain gets the shadow, but I don’t get the dawn effect, and the sky stays blue. No matter of reinstalling and restarting and opeing with OpenGL has changed it at all.

  87. Janine Mudaliar says

    Aw – have to do this all again! I don’t like the tilt automatic functioning either – and I also don’t like the way it rotates, and the way that the close-up image is so very distorted. Please bring back the older system. I am very grateful, nevertheless, for Google Earth – – to the people, at all the various levels, who bring it to us. Thank you. I just do like my older GE’s better, and look forward to this yukky version being replaced. Regards. jm

  88. Ha! I just found this post, and it’s such a trip back in time! Google Earth is a lot more advanced now. Anyway, carry on.

  89. Ha! I just found this post, and it’s such a trip back in time! Google Earth is a lot more advanced now. Anyway, carry on.

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