Super UK Photo Project geograph Turns Three

Geograph in Google Earthgeograph is an amazing project which set out to collect photos of every square kilometer of the UK on a web site and map the locations and photos. Anyone can contribute to the project, and people view it as a game to go out and explore new areas of the islands with their GPS and contribute as many photos as they can. Statistically, the project has already made huge progress – with nearly 85% (see statistics) of the Great Britain part of the islands photographed. Not only that, but the site has grown up with the advances in mapping technologies, and there are now a myriad of ways to look at the data. In particular, Barry Hunter – who is a developer of great mapping tools available at his Nearby site – has added some really great Google Earth visualization tools for geograph. You can find the geograph GE tools at this web page, or you can just download his KML collection which lets you try all the different presentations in one place. The screenshot here shows a 3D representation of photos taken for every 10 square kilometer section. You can also load visualizations that let you view each photo, and more.
geograph was started on March 6th, 2005. So today the project turns 3 years old! In honor of the date, they’ve made a cool picture mosaic which you can view in this blog post.
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