UK Earthquake – View Data in Google Earth

UK earthquake in Google EarthThere are two ways I usually find out about an earthquake: 1) in news reports on the Internet, and 2) in Google Earth. Either way, I always find the quick look at the USGS real-time earthquake monitoring network link for Google Earth a great way to get an understanding about seismic activity. You can save this in your My Places folder and turn it on whenever you want to see what’s happening around the world with earthquakes. Colors indicate how long ago they occurred, and size indicates the strength in magnitudes of the earthquakes. If you click on the placemarks you get links to further information and even additional Google Earth content.
So, last night the UK had a rare strong quake of magnitude 4.7 in north-eastern England near Lincoln. The first place I read about it was a comment to one of my blog posts about the USGS earthquake monitoring tool. Upon visiting the USGS web page about this quake, I found an interesting map. It’s a map showing a compilation of community Internet earthquake-intensity reports. Put another way – this is an Internet crowd-sourced earthquake intensity map. I’ve made an image overlay so you can view this map in Google Earth . At the time I took the screenshot there were nearly 9000 reports. For further GE information on the quake, here is a thread of comments about the quake at the Google Earth Community.

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  1. Yes Earthquake maps are a great app for GoogleEarth
    🙂 Pity they dont support transparency there 🙁
    Mapperz has also created a Point cloud:

  2. John Timothy Shaw says:

    The earthquake woke me. I called out “What`s all that banging? Then my wife awoke. We live 5 miles north of Gloucester city.

  3. I got woken up by this and I live in Essex. It really freaked me out! 🙂

  4. Abu Muhannadh says:

    i wonder when are we gonna be able to view magnitude less than 3 earth quakes around the world in USGS real-time earth quake monitoring tool in GE
    it seems this feature is only active for USA for now

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