Twelve New Cities With Google Street View Available

[UPDATE: Ok…according to Google – there are 12 new cities in the collection (they counted the Raleigh area as 3 cities). Originally, I said only six. I’ve updated the list below.]
Google has not announced it yet, but there are some new cities with Street View photos available in Google Maps. These new cities are not listed on their list of covered cities:

  • Albany and Schenectady, NY
  • Boise, ID
  • Juneau, AK
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Manchester, NH
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Research Triangle Park (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill), NC
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Salt Lake City, UT

Some of the new cities (like the Raleigh one) actually cover a large area with multiple towns/cities. Click here to see a map of all the available Street View cities.
I’m happy because I live in the Raleigh Area. I’ve already deduced that my house was photographed by Google’s StreetView car around the end of August at about 7 AM. This is corroborated by a blog post in August where someone saw one of the cars. Of course, I would really be happy if Street View worked inside Google Earth.

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  1. There are some other cities you missed. Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Albany.

  2. Albany, NY and Milwaukee, Wisconsin 😉

  3. Just as an interesting aside, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota were added to Street View in the update prior to this one. What’s interesting is that Google has decided to keep images taken on the I-35W bridge available to the general public. The ethical problem I have is that the images appear to have been taken last summer…probably not too long before that bridge collapsed and killed 13 people. In fact, the images on Street View show construction equipment on the bridge…possibly the same that may have led to the collapse. Obviously there is no bridge there right now, so why has Google made the decision to keep the images? Is that really ethical?
    Here’s the address:,-93.2447&spn=0.0068,0.020084&z=16&om=0&layer=c&cbll=44.978943,-93.244878&cbp=1,489.14371488320796,,0,11.60492754449789

  4. I’m still waiting for Washington D.C. in Google Street View. You know, here inside the beltway, if we aren’t included, it simply doesn’t exist, and if it didn’t happen here, then it didn’t happen at all.

  5. Can’t wait to see the new additions to the Google Street View gallery:

  6. 7 more cities with less privacy.

  7. Either the Juneau, AK pictures were taken at night (which can be long during winter) or they are broken.,-134.574108&spn=0.056197,0.130119&z=13&cbll=58.392774,-134.573571&cbp=1,461.0951416732332,,0,5

  8. seven more cities with less privacy? How about generations of humans on earth who will have to find truly unique ways to find privacy. The good and bad of technology

  9. I agree with Edward. How is Washington DC not on this list? I get doing NYC, LA, and maybe one or two more because of population sizes, but come on – whats with the rest? National Security?…

  10. The Triangle but no Charlotte? Alas.

  11. I just found out about this yesterday and immediately found my house and car in street view (I’m in the Raleigh/Durham area). Very peculiar to think that Google drove down my tiny street not so long ago

  12. Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill are three distinct cities.
    Different mayors and city councils. Different local cultures and histories. You leave one, you drive, you enter another.
    Seriously, that’s three cities. Not huge cities but three cities nonetheless that are not one continuous terrain like the Bay Area, for example, which nobody mistakes for a city.
    No disrespect to you but this outsider’s perception is really starting to grate on my nerves.
    Bottom line: if you lump them together, you’re clearly a clueless outsider, IMHO.
    And, no, saying it’s one “area” and then qualifying that with a statement about multiple cities and towns is absurd.
    But the really real bottom line: Each one of these cities has college basketball teams that can wreak havoc with whoever the heck you got wherever the heck you live!
    And you can take that to the bank.

  13. I hope that in a few time Street View will cover big cities in Europe.
    For example Paris, London and Rome.

  14. Clyde McPhatter says

    If they come down my street in Charlotte and photograph my house, Google will find itself in yet ANOTHER lawsuit.

  15. In fact, they are recording the streets in Rome and Milan (I don’t know about Paris and London). So hopefully the italian streets will be available for the world in a small future.

  16. Clyde-
    Better call your lawyer, Streetview is now live for Charlotte.

  17. When I heard about it, that it is possible to drive throu the street, were we habe live a long time ago and even found still the houses and school, wher emy son used to go, we found it so
    exiting -or better thrilling-. It was like beeing
    the again. And we could see, what has changed till then.
    But I also see the danger, when it will get in
    the wrong hands – since the world is not as save
    as one minds.
    Since a couple of days, street view is it not available any more. For me and my familie it was
    most exiting.

  18. Why can’t tou include the smaller cities in the UK google? Like where I live Norwich and places like Birmingham, Liecster, Manchester and Nottingham. London always gets it first no matter what it is and it really annoys me, there are other cities in this country you know.

  19. Is there any type of deadline as to when they will finish? Are they doing everywhere in the U.S. or just major cities?

  20. Google street view is as useless and pointless as many things I’ve seen on the web, I wonder if google would prefer if everyone would live their whole lives surfing the web, instead of actually visiting places for themselves…, yes – street view is good as far technology goes, but it also very pointless…
    Moreover, I was having dinner with two friends only yesterday, and street view came up, and the guy, who I had only just met, turned to the equally unfamiliar girl and told her, in jest, that he had checked out her house on street view – followed by an uncomfortable silence since the girl clearly felt awkward with that, so street view is also voyeristic…
    I’m sorry, I don’t like…

  21. The only big city thats missing and that SHOULD be on the list is The Hague. When will that be included?

  22. I don’t find Streetview useless and pointless at all. In fact it’s very handy… case in point… for a recent trip it let me decide exactly which hotel in Paris I wished to stay at as I could see all the amenities in the local area plus pre plan the exact route to walk to it from the metro stop.
    Very useful to me.
    And why would that girl 2 posts above find Streetview so uncomfortable? Does she undress in front of windows with no curtains? If the ‘creepy friend’ knows her address what difference if he knows what her house looks like from Streetview?

  23. Well… Most of us will get the answer —view of a street,picture of a street,photo of a street.Yes Google shows streets in picture view. This view will be useful

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