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There’s a growing list of collections of places categorized by subject matter and maintained at the Google Earth Community. Recently we looked at the collection of dinosaurs visible in Google Earth. The same guy maintaining that collection, ‘felippo’ at the Google Earth Community, is also maintaining a collection of placemarks of sundials . The collection already has over 100 locations and many of the placemarks contain a ground-level photo so you can get a better perspective. And, you can also turn on the Geographic Web layer in GE to see if Panoramio photos are available for the sundials.
One of my favorite sundials is the Sundial Bridge in Redding, Ca. There are lots of Panoramio photos of this pedestrian bridge which has a giant spire that also serves as the suspension of the cables for the bridge. Also, I was quick to make sure the small sundial in front of the Flandrau Planetarium in Tucson, Arizona was visible. I had to do an astronomy homework problem to determine how a sundial worked and verify my calculations using this sundial. This was many years ago, but sundial technology hasn’t changed very much.
If you know of a sundial not in the collection, head over to the forum thread and post a placemark so Felippo can add it to the collection.
[UPDATE 3-March: Steve Lombardi at Microsoft blogs about this post and takes the Sundial Collection of placemarks and puts it into Virtual Earth so you can also check for Bird’s Eye View oblique aerial photography of many of the sundials. These views give you a much better perspective on the shapes of the sundials, and the photos are usually higher resolution as well. Definitely worth checking out if you understand how the Bird’s Eye Views work.]
here is a sample of other GE collections written about at GEB:

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  1. There is also a sundial near New York,
    Search Google Earth for ROBERT MOSES STATE PKWY

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