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Zillow Neighborhood Boundaries in Google EarthLast Friday I mentioned that popular real estate mapping site Zillow had released some data to the public domain which provides the outline shapes of 7000 neighborhood boundaries in the US. The data was released under a Creative Commons license for free as long as attribution is given to Zillow. I suggested that someone should try converting the data to a Google Earth KML file so we could view it GE. Well, Matt Fox of Google Earth Library, converted the Zillow data and put it up on his blog on the same day! Downloaded the Zillow neighborhood boundaries in Google Earth, then select the state you are interested in. Matt chose to avoid the risk of overburdening your memory by setting up where you can only view one state at a time. He also chose some colorful boundary polygon colors and made them mostly transparent so you can easily compare the underlying satellite photo data. I was a little disappointed in the Zillow data because in some states it doesn’t even show real neighborhood data, and it is only available in most cases for large metropolitan areas. For example, in the Raleigh, North Carolina area it only shows regions – not neighborhoods. Anyway, thanks for the fast turn around Matt!

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  1. I posted a KMZ file here with basic population and poverty stats from the 2000 census for the Zillow neighborhoods.

  2. Those looking for more comprehensive neighborhood data may be interested in Maponics Neighborhood Boundaries. The data is not free, but it is highly QC’d, updated every quarter, and covers over 60K (Q209) neighborhoods in 2K+ cities in the US (Europe and Canada are available too). You can download a free sample KML file of all neighborhoods in Boston here (scroll down):

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