Governor of Alabama Unveils Google Earth Application

The Governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, unveiled a collection of tools and databases last week developed by the state’s Department of Homeland Security. The department worked with Google to use Google Earth technology as its primary means of visualizing an operational picture around the state. The same tool will be used by first responders, county planners, and other officials to get detailed geographic views overlayed with critical information. The department can use the tools to build 3D models of schools, bridges, and other critical structures; can model hazardous explosions and environmental factors; and can overlay this information with GIS information showing the location of fire hydrants, gas pipelines, and other important information to help emergency workers. Google’s Chief Technologist of Google Earth, Michael Jones, was present when the Governor unveiled the new tools. Story via Government Technology news.
[UPDATE – Google has posted a description of the Virtual Alabama project at the Google Earth Enterprise site.

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