Google Sky with a Maps API

Google has released some APIs from some space-related data they support. First, they added Maps APIs for Google Moon and Google Mars (both Maps-only available data – at least for the moment). And, they have released a Maps API for the Google Sky data (released last August) as well! See the announcement with examples at the Maps API blog by Michael Weiss-Malik. He also gives high praise to Michael Kosowsky of HeyWhatsThat now has a cool Cosmic Visibility page which uses the new APIs to let you see and understand the phases of the moon, and where the day/night is on Earth and Mars. It also shows you where the planets and day/night are in the sky. All using the new API. Very cool!
By the way, this new API was first leaked out through the Google Maps API forum (via OgleEarth). I met Michael Weiss-Malik at the Google booth at AGU, along with Noel Gorelick who was involved with the API development. They were pretty enthusiastic about the possibilities of the new API. The HeyWhatThat example is a pretty cool demonstration of the possibilities.

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