December 16 Google Earth Imagery Update Details

On Sunday December 16 some GEB readers alerted me to a big Google Earth imagery update and many of you commented on the different areas of the world with new data you discovered. Now, Google has released the official details on the new imagery update (from the Google Lat Long Blog). In addition to the new imagery, there is also new terrain for Massachusetts. As you can see, this was a really big holiday gift from Google of new imagery in Google Earth to fly through during the holidays. The details from Google are below:

New high resolution:

  • Americas:

    • Canada: Significant amount of British Columbia
    • USA: Jefferson City (MO), Central Virginia, Tioga County (NY), Cayuga County (NY), Jefferson County (NY), Broome County (NY),
    • Brazil: Uberlandia
    • Colombia: Cali, Pasto
    • Mexico: Veracruz
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa:

    • France: Le Havre, Dunkerque
    • Poland: Poznan
    • Russia: Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Vladikavkaz, Volzhskiy, Barnaul
    • Ukraine: Rivne, Odesa
    • Morocco: Agadir
    • Nigeria: Abuja
    • Egypt: 2.5m imagery for eastern half of the country
  • Asia & Oceania:

    • Japan: Kagoshima, Hamamatsu
    • New Zealand: Manawatu Wanganui Province, Thames-Coromandel Province
    • China: Guiyang, Zhaoqing, Zhongshan, Neijang, Anshun, Zhuzhou, Changde, Jiaoijang, Sashi, Qinhuangdao, Mudanjiang
    • Indonesia: Sukabumi, Surakarta

2.5m imagery for the eastern half of Egypt.

Updated Imagery:

  • Americas:

    • Canada: Calgary
    • USA: Bend (OR), Reno (NV), Googleplex (CA), San Miguel (CA), Paso Robles (CA), Buellton (CA), Thousand Oaks (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Orange County (CA), Denver (CO), Saint Louis (MO), Knoxville (TN), Chattanooga (GA), Dayton (CA), Atlanta (GA), Desoto County (FL), Onondaga County (NY), Cayuga County (NY), McAllen (TX), Sanger (CA), Bellevue (WA)
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa:

    • France: Nantes, Lyon
    • Germany: Sindelfingen, Ausburg, Leipzig, Aachen
    • Denmark: Entire country
    • Niger: Niamey
    • Zimbabwe: Harare
    • South Africa: Johannesburg
    • Iran: Tehran
  • Asia:

    • Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagano
    • Thailand: Bangkok
    • Vietnam: Hanoi

Antarctica: new 15m imagery – from the Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica Project

Updated Terrain:

  • Massachusetts

About Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.

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  1. Tariq Mufti says

    Sorry, guys,but let me rain on your celebration: you forget to mention the regression in the case of Karachi, Pakistan, that I had pointed out earlier. Reclamation work that started in 2006 at the Clifton Beach in Karachi, and that showed up till the “update,” is now gone. We now have a view that probably dates back to 2003/4.
    Tariq Mufti

  2. I’ve noticed updated imagery in SW Spain over Rota, Jerez de la Frontera, and Castilblanco de los arroyos…

  3. When, oh when are they going to update Hamtilon/Cambridge in New Zealand??? 🙁

  4. Marcin Ciula says

    There is a small swatch of land that is now high res near the town of Olkusz, Poland which was not previously covered.

  5. Come on, i know we are n south america and that we are a very small country but this is the first imagery update we are not included!
    come on i want some high res images of Uruguay
    or at least from montevideo 😛 lol
    maybe ill ask santa 😛
    cya guys

  6. when are they going to put high-res imagery in croatia???

  7. Ted Merriman says

    The update on Antarctica does not include the area around McMurdo Station. This is the most populated area on the continent.

  8. when are the gonna put high-res imagery in croatia??? (hopefully in karlovac)

  9. Oh what a surprise, Sweden hasn’t been updated today either. I have not seen a major update since I discovered google earth 3-4 years ago. It sucks.
    Sure we are small but what the…

  10. U 4got 2 mention dat Ireland got updated!!!!

  11. Big and very massive update in Java, Indonesia.Now Merapi Mountain in high resolution.
    Unfortunately, still there are no high resolution for Lembang, Borobudur, and downgrade Jakarta pictures.
    Anyway, nice job Google Earth !!!

  12. Looks like some updates for Southern England have come out too, but there’s been no mention of it from Google. I think that the images could be from late summer 2005 or 2006, and taken at almost exactly 12h00 GMT.

  13. Some parts of Bulgaria were updated too. (see my previous message)

  14. The St. Louis area was recently updated, as you reported. I notice that the new stadium is there. But the real difference is that the new imagery was taken in the middle of summer, instead of winter. As a result, many of the yards and streets are now hidden beneath the trees. This is a disappointment–especially for GPS navigation.

  15. Also new high resolution imaginary many area of west Balkan (former Yugoslavia)

  16. I have noticed that the images of Egypt have been regressed to 2004. In October of 2007, Google Earth had newer imagery dating to January 2007. What happened? If someone from Google Earth staff could answer these questions for us that would be great.

  17. Alan D Jones says

    I too have seen the imagery data go backwards.
    Images I downloaded in October 2007 had more up to date building work shown. In the latest update these buildins are not shown and the land they were to build on is still green grass.
    What is going on!!??

  18. and heidelberg, germany is still @ least 6 years old! 2002 or older, my guess is it was taken around 2000… not a good status quo…
    the strange thing is that mannheim, 15km north-west of heidelberg got a 2.5m update recently… and it stops 5-6km short of the heidelberg city limit… sine there’s a lot of people coming to heidelberg, after all its’ castle is known around the world, mark twain and other writers have lived here and loved it…
    i think it is a shame that a city as famous as heidelberg still has very old footage… hopefully someone @ google reads stuff like this and acts
    frank, i wish you a happy new year and thank you for all your work;-)

  19. Finally u have updated Kavajë in ALBANIA. But the definition is too low. Could u improve it plz? if u cant i thank u for updating it.

  20. Andy Hulse says

    ‘Big Upgrades’, fine, but why is now Microsoft Visual Earth showing more upto date of parts of the UK?
    If Google earth is to be the leader it MUST keep up with and exceed the Redmond mafia.

  21. I saw a feature in GE a few weeks ago. You could drive a car along streets and roads in some of the US cities. I can’t use it anymore is there something special I miss? I have ver 4.2 +

  22. Karl & Mary Stroessner says

    We just downloaded the newest version of Google Earth and we see that our road is still in the wrong place on the map. We live on Oak Grove Road
    Weirsdale, Florida 32195. You have somebodys driveway as Oak Grove Road. People who deliver things here get confused when they use their Navigators to find us. Maybe someone can fix this.

  23. The imagery of our beautiful city & area of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada is at the least ten years old. Is there any indication as to when this area may be updated?

  24. Ashutosh Kumar says

    When will Google update parts of India.Shimla town,Vrindaban in UP.Puri in Orissa,Manali in Himachal Pradesh-been waiting a long time!
    Ashutosh Kumar

  25. G’day Frank and friend’s.:)
    Google earth would rather have older outdated good quality picture’s instead of inferior updated but poor quality picture’s that some imaging company’s have to offer. An imaging company has to take and produce high resolution photograph’s for Google to be able to purchase the image’s ( as Google does not do this themselves ) but unfortunately some place’s just don’t have the expertise to deliver the high quality high resolution image’s that Google demand’s of its supplier’s. I too am waiting for my city to be upgraded to high resolution but as long as i can browse the world on Google earth for free, i won’t be complaining…..Just waiting. 🙂

  26. bill van Ommen says

    I accept that GE can only use high resolution images made available by imaging companies, but what and who determines what these companies make available?
    Why are certain areas chosen and others not.
    I can’t wait to explore the Western half of the isle of Tasmania, Australia in high resolution with its wonderful,wild World Heritage area like Cradle Mountain-Lake St Claire National Park and the Tarkine reserve.

  27. I wish I could understand why it takes so long to develop the earth in better detail?
    Im going to type my request here in hopes they may take notice. I wish 20km around these coordinates in Philippines would be clear.

  28. i can’t find any update to Egypt on google earth, its the same as in 2004, do any one knows if there is an present update to Egypt?

  29. Hi Google,
    I appreciate the recent addition of a 3-D image of Reno’s tallest building, the Silver Legacy. When will the other major high-rise buildings show up as 3-D? (e.g. Grand Sierra Resort, Nugget, Harrah’s, Arlington Towers, The Montage, Circus Circus, The Eldorado, The Peppermill, The Atlantis, etc.) Thanks for improving the resolution of many USA locations!

  30. Snow Clements says

    Using Google Earth (Beta) in New Zealand,I just cannot get a decent, close-up definition of a New Zealand address YET, I can get perfect close-up definition for addresses in England???
    A few years back, GE promised to correct this problem but nothing, repeat, nothing has ever been done—WHY?
    Snow Clements, Cambridge NZ

  31. My imagery definition has taken a turn for the worse. It has decreased since I purchased the subscription.

  32. Tony Colbourne says

    I live in Highbury Close, New Milton, Hampshire, UK. Two years ago I could look at my house on Google Earth. Now, in spite of keeping up with the latest versions, it has gone and I am looking at a view that it as least 8 years old.
    How on ‘google earth’ can this be? Any chance of getting one’s act together or must I transfer our allegiance to Virtual Earth? Surely an outfit as cutting edge as Google should have shaken off the dull and dusty bits by now!
    Best regards
    Tony C

  33. Cheryl Wilkins says

    If Knoxville was updated in December 2007, why is the view of my house still 2002?

  34. I use Google Earth to study land form away from the cities in Texas and Oklahoma, USA. All of this imagery is now downgraded. Is there a difference in the imagery in the Free version vs the Pro Version of Google Earth? If not, is the imagery going to be upgraded for TX and OK?

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