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National Geographic Supports Geography Awareness Week

The third week in November is Geography Awareness Week (since Ronald Reagan signed legislation in 1987). Each year since then National Geographic Society has sponsored programs to help educate kids about geography. National Geographic also leads an effort called My Wonderful World to try and expand geographic learning in schools.

Google Earth Quiz Feature

Last week, My Wonderful World published a really cool series of tours for the continent of Asia using Google Earth. Most of the tours guide you with a series of placemarks to learn about different areas of Asia. But, my favorite is the orientation quiz . This uses some very cool new features in the latest KML 2.2 to allow you to have an interactive quiz in Google Earth. You answer a multiple choice question inside a placemark, and it tells you if you are right or wrong depending on which answer you select. This gives you a much more interactive educational feel to Google Earth. Amazing!
[UPDATE 1300: Looks like I’m not the only one to take note of this story – Google just posted a write-up about the quiz and other layers from National Geographic. And, they’ve posted a special page highlighting Geography Awareness Week content.]

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