Links: Mac Leopard, Earthquakes, 3D Warehouse, MODIS SuperOverlays

  • Mac Leopard – Google informs Mac users that the new Mac OS X version called Leopard requires you to use Google Earth version 4.2 or greater. Earlier versions won’t work.

  • USGS Earthquakes in Google Earth

    Earthquakes – Google has hired a lot of people from many places around the world. A lot of them in California got to experience their first earthquake this week. First I noticed a blog post by Ed Parsons (who used to work for Ordnance Survey in the UK) who describes his first Earthquake and how he immediately looked for it with the USGS’s earthquake monitoring tool in Google Earth. Then Geo Googler Lior Ron does a post at the Lat Long blog with some Google Maps and other tips on watching for earthquakes – also mentioning the USGS KML files. I personally keep the USGS network link in my Places folder handy to turn on any time I see news about earthquakes.

  • 3D Warehouse – SketchUp blog announces that the 3D Warehouse is now available in 13 languages. The 3DWH is now available in eight new languages, including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Polish, and Russian. The product was already available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, which brings our count up to thirteen. This also means the recent update to 3DWH which allows you to quickly grab 3D models should now work in these languages.

  • MODIS SuperOverlays – Google Earth Community member ‘Forkboy2’ has posted an excellent collection super high resolution satellite photo overlays. The images are hand-selected from NASA’s MODIS Rapid Response System which has two satellites which are continuously taking photos as they orbit the Earth. ‘Forkboy2’ has processed 200 of the highest resolution images through SuperOverlay so you can view the full resolution in GE. You can view them in GE with this nicely done network link so you can view the images practically. Click on the label links in the Places folder to get some details on each image.

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