Caribbean 1500 Sailing Cup in Google Earth

Caribbean 1500 Sailing Cup in Google EarthThe Caribbean 1500 Cup is held each year to provide an opportunity for sailors looking to make the blue water trip from the US East Coast to the Caribbean for the winter the opportunity to do it in an organized manner. The Cruising Rally Association provides advice, pre-trip checkouts, weather routing, and communications to help make the lengthy journey safer. And, you get to meet lots of other sailors and have some parties after you arrive.
This year, they have position trackers on board most of the boats with updates coming every four hours. They recruited to help organize position reporting using Google Maps and Google Earth. View the Caribbean 1500 in Google Earth. For Google Earth, Magnalox not only shows the current position and track, but using the time slider you can see the relative positions along the way. Turn on the different folders for the different groups of boats (Rally Classes and Cruising Classes). Also, there are weather layers which show wind, weather, and wave conditions. Also provided is the rhumb line (shortest route) as well as range markers for distances from the destination. It will take several days for the boats to reach the destination, and they just started yesterday.
So check the network link over the next few days to see who is winning. Nice work Magnalox!

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