Armor All Promotion in Google Earth

Received some E-mail from Felix and Andrés of Area6 about a promotion they designed in México for Armor All (the car wax and protection products company). They have produced an Armor All scavenger hunt game using Google Earth. The concept started with the idea of painting the top of a building as a promotion with an Armor All logo, but they realized that you can’t predict when such an image would appear in Google Earth. So, they decided to paint logos virtually in Google Earth and make a game out of it. The contest prizes include hot rod cars like a 1973 Mustang, a 1977 Corvette, and a 1976 Dodge Dart.
Armor All game in Google EarthThe game is only available in Spanish. And you need to register with an address from Mexico to get in. The screenshot shows instructions for playing the game (click on the picture to see it larger). It uses network links to determine when you are getting close to one of the locations. You see the words “Frío” or “Caliente” indicating whether you are cold or hot.
The web site also promotes an Armor All Hot Rod Blog with videos of the prize cars being shined up with – you guessed it – Armor All. Thanks to Spanish GEB translator Gerardo for checking out the game.
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