New YouTube Layer in Google Earth

Google has added a new layer today to Google Earth’s Featured Content Gallery layer folder (UPDATED). The layer allows you to view YouTube videos which have been geotagged (some of you may remember Google added the ability to map your YouTube video back in June). I predicted then that we would see a layer allowing us to see YouTube videos in GE, and here it is! NOTE: as you zoom in closer to a place – more YouTube placemarks appear. This is to attempt to keep the view from being too cluttered. There are a LOT of videos already geotagged. You can watch surfers in Tahiti, Penguins in Antartica, and lions in Africa. Amazing stuff! Google Earth really is becoming a way to view the GeoWeb – all types of web-based information are viewable now in Google Earth including: photos, blog posts, GPS tracks, maps, weather, and now a great wealth of video content.
Important caveat: on Windows you can view the video embedded inside the placemark description bubble (GE version 4.2+ only), but with the Mac or Linux you will have to click on a screenshot from the video and view the video in your browser instead. Embedded flash apps like YouTube videos only work with Windows at this time for GE 4.2.
If you want your YouTube video to appear you need to map its location and allow embedding of your video. Google will periodically update the layer to show the latest videos (based on past experience with other layers this may happen every 30 days or so).
via TheTestBed
[UPDATE: and now here is the Google LatLong post about the new layer – no new information though.]

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  1. Although I knew it was probably an act of futility to view the YouTube clips on my Mac after reading this clip, the default message is somewhat misleading to the common user. Instead of something like “This feature only works on Windows Google Earth” you instead get the somewhat misleading “Please click here to download the software required to view this content” – the click here is a link to the Adobe site to download Flash. Definitely a goose chase waiting to happen for the uninformed.

  2. Ernst M. Kofler says

    An absolutely great layer. You can travel the whole world within a few hours. Hear people talk, see how they live, how the look and laugh, can see sights from many different angles, it’s really phantastic. Awesome layer.

  3. The videos from youtube are not correct geotagged. This layer produce an orrible overlay. if you want an exact video on google earth ovelary go to and download the kmz network link

  4. Do you guys know when the linux/mac version of GE will support embeded youTube/flash files like the windows version? Is there a schedule somewhere about this?

  5. I have a new website and was wondering if Google Earth will ever have website information attached to it. It would be cool to see on the globe where websites begin. Visit Jimmy’s Entertainment!

  6. New reviews and images in the biz listing layers too.

  7. I have an urgent question regarding the new You Tube feature on Google Earth. I recently introduced my 2nd grade students to the amazing world of Google Earth. They are having a grand time traveling the globe. They especially love the 3D aspect and the Geographic Web feature. However, I have real concerns regarding this new feature. I tried out a few videos and on my third sample I clicked on someone in New York City explaining a cure for a hangover. Is there anyone monitoring these videos so that I can be certain my students aren’t exposed to inappropriate content? I would love to let them view the videos from our little town but currently they are unaware of this new function and I am concerned about unexpected content. Please advise. Oh, is there any way to disable this function if need be?

  8. I was wondering if there was a way to embed a video without posting it onto a website like youtube? The file format is .avi and I also have that same video as a .swf. Can anyone help? I would love for it to run off of my harddrive. Is this even possible?

  9. Srry if this topic is already declared dead or outdated but does anyone know whether google is going to do something about the fact that videos pop up at locations where they aren’t actually recorded. This is caused by people who are unaware of that their video is also being added to the google earth layer and since you cant place a mark on the map like in Panoramio, the videos often appear at wrong places (flagging as ‘wrong location’ is also impossible).

  10. The world is drowning in YouTube videos, 99% of which are inane timewasters. YouTube layer = bad idea. Causes visual pollution on my Google earth screen for even with the layer turned off and YT unchecked in the Gallery sidebar, many icons still intrude like cockroaches. If Google can’t implement an effective off solution, then time delimit these things -15 seconds of fame should be enough…

  11. Additional YT icons can be turned off by disabling the Geographic Web -> Preview checkboxes

  12. Help please. Does anyone know why when I open a Utube video in GE, I get at least seven new IE windows opening at once? I keep closing them and they keep coming back? Is there a solution for this problem? Thank you.

  13. Youspam Layer says

    Too bad maps are still cluttered with irrelevant videos and spam. It’s growing, even our hometown in the middle of nowhere contains crap. People already were able to make placemarks with a link to Youtube videos. This apparently took enough time to scare away attention redlightdistrictemployees and bad musicians since most videos were correct back then.
    This layer won’t work if you first need to click away ten stupid trash videos before you get something that actually is something about the place. Cleaning up videos or geoflagging them is (still) impossible, so I turned it off.

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