Links: More Fire Maps, New Tutorials

[UPDATE 1900 EDT: Google has posted a master network link where they have compiled a bunch of resources. It will automatically update with new stuff as they add it. Download the master layer for the California fires here .]
Just a quick few links – I’m traveling today:

  • More Fire Maps – Google posted a compilation of many different organizations and individuals using Google Maps to track the fires in California as well as relief efforts. Google also has released a zoomable high-res overlay of a recent DigitalGlobe satellite photo of a portion of the fires in San Diego, and later they added new imagery from NASA and the USFS showing thermal imagery of the area. See other GE related content here .

  • New Tutorials – Google has released some new tutorials at Google Earth Outreach on how to make maps with Google Maps which can also be used with Google Earth.

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  1. I’ve been following the KPBS, LA Times, and OC Register maps in Google Earth, and all of a sudden, this afternoon, all of the icons were lost (they changed from helpful fire icons or exclamation points for evacuations, and became blue squares with X marks). Is this just a problem with the sites, or is it my computer? Can anyone help me get the real icons back?

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