Links: Chinese Cop Catches Crook, Malibu Fire, EveryTrail Update, CIA WorldFactbook, Hungary Weather

  • Chinese Cop Catches Crook – An innovative young policeman in China’s Fujian province spent a month mapping data in Google Earth used to track a suspect in human trafficking (see article from GlobalVoicesOnline). The map data was used to help identify houses where the suspect might be located. Satellite photos helped police plan a stakeout, and they apprehended the culprit. Recently the province public security director visited the police station and commended the innovative cop (see photo).

  • Malibu Fire – The posh coastal community of Malibu California is the location of a raging wildfire due to dry conditions and strong winds. The area is home to many wealthy people with large mansions situated on hills overlooking the ocean. Over 200 homes were evacuated yesterday and thousands are in jeopardy. A famous house built like a castle has already burned – it was known as Castle Kashan, home to Lilly Lawrence, a local philanthropist. The home was evacuated before engulfed in fire. Here is a Google Earth view of the castle (via Mibazaar).

  • EveryTrail UpdateEveryTrail announced an update to version 2 of their GPS trail mapping web site. The site lets you upload your GPS tracks and geotag your photos so you can share your trips with others. The maps are viewed with Google Maps, or you can download a KML file for Google Earth. Some details on the changes from their blog.

  • CIA WorldFactbook – The CIA WorldFactbook web site was updated this summer. The Google Earth version , which was created by GEC member ‘Herrminator’, has been updated with the new data. See original GEB story.

  • Hungary Weather – GEC member ‘syzygy’ has posted a nice collection of image overlays showing weather in Hungary from Metnet and OMSZ.

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