Headed to X PRIZE Cup 2007

X PRIZE CupToday I’m flying out to see the Wirefly X PRIZE Cup 2007 at the Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogordo, New Mexico. This will be a great air & space show with aircraft and rockets blasting off to the thrill of thousands attending this year’s events. The event gets started on Friday, October 26. But, since I’m flying a small plane, I’m leaving a couple days early. The X PRIZE Foundation set these events up to help stimulate interest in commercial space travel. Contests are being held with big-figure prizes for things like lunar lander technology, space elevators, and – most recently – the new Google Lunar X PRIZE.
Last year I had a great time attending the show. The Google Earth team will be back again this year with a booth. Last year Google processed some aerial photos I took of the 2006 Wirefly X PRIZE Cup – and we posted it on my blog on the same day. Now whenever you look at last year’s airport – Las Cruces, New Mexico – you can see the 2006 X PRIZE Cup . This year I wasn’t sure I would be flying out, so no plans were made for an aerial photo shoot (and I’m not sure the AFB would approve).
I’ve been using Google Earth to plan some sightseeing. So far I’ve identified several places I want to visit like: the New Mexico Museum of Space History, New Mexico Skies (several observatories – they rent out telescopes for both on-site and over-the-Internet use), several geocaches using a network link from Geocaching.com, and lots of other sights identified using the Google Earth Community and Geographic Web layers. Read Ten Easy Steps to Learn About a Place with Google Earth.
Read more about the 2007 Wirefly X PRIZE Cup with links to lots of space-related Google Earth content.

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