New Google Maps Moon Update

Google has posted a new update to their Google Maps version of “Google Moon” (read more at their LatLong blog). This was done in tangent with the new Google Lunar X PRIZE just announced. The new version includes new high resolution imagery, details on the Apollo missions to the moon and includes a “Charts” overlay which show detailed terrain-relief maps of the mission areas in color. If you click on the bottom you get placemarks with photos, and even tracks of the lunar rover paths. And, best of all, they have StreetView-type panoramas you can pan around and zoom in on! What I don’t see yet is a Google Earth file with all this data. Where is it?? (According to the FAQ I found: “Not yet, but we’re working on it!”) One other little thing – It used to be when you zoomed in all the way on Google Moon – it would show the moon was made of cheese. Not any more… Anyway, check it all at Google Maps’ Here’s what it looks like:

The Moon in Google Maps

By the way, if you simply must see the moon in Google Earth – look at this.

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  1. According to the Google Moon FAQ:
    “3. Can I see the Moon data using the Google Earth client?
    Not yet, but we’re working on it.”

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