Burning Man 2007 in Google Earth

Burning Man 2007 in Google EarthThe guys from Pict’Earth (who offer image aquisition products and services) attended the Burning Man 2007 a couple of weeks ago. Burning Man is a huge outdoor art festival in the desert where tens of thousands of people camp in the desert and do strange things. During the event, they flew in a Cessna 172 and took aerial photos of Black Rock City – the temporary city built during the event and completely cleaned up afterwards. Pict’Earth has released their new Burning Man 2007 imagery for viewing as an image overlay in GE (as you zoom in, you get more detail). Google already has the 2006 event available for viewing in the base imagery. If you compare the two (try the transparency slider), you can see the 2007 event was larger than the 2006 event. See previous stories on Pict’Earth, and take note that they have a new web site. The new imagery was posted by ‘Valery35’ at the Google Earth Community – Valery has been developing the image processing software and the overlay.
The guys from Pict’Earth have also released the same imagery for viewing with Virtual Earth using MapCruncher, and using the new Yahoo MapMixer. Here are some photos from Flickr of Burning Man .

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  1. I do not believe that this is the image from 2007. I have been scouring the map looking for my camp and have been unable to find it. For giggles, I looked at where we were camped last year (2006) and yup, I found us where we camped in 2006.

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