3D Buildings – Groningen, Netherlands

It’s been a while since I did a Friday morning 3D Model highlight. Today I’m highlighting a collection of models of Groningen in the Netherlands. This collection was created by four students at the local university and André Scholten who wrote me an e-mail to let me know about them. The models were created using Google SketchUp and most use photo textures to add detail. I’ve created a KML folder with a sample of the buildings to allow you to more quickly load several of the models within Google Earth. Double click on each network link to be flown to a view of each building. The models are a little too detailed I think to make it in the “Best of 3D Warehouse“. They should read the tips on qualifying for the 3D Buildings layer here. There is a write-up of the collection at a local web site (dutch), which includes a nice YouTube video showing off the buildings:

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Frank Taylor started the Google Earth Blog in July, 2005 shortly after Google Earth was first released. He has worked with 3D computer graphics and VR for many years and was very impressed with this exciting product. Frank completed a 5.5 year circumnavigation of the earth by sailboat in June 2015 which you can read about at Tahina Expedition, and is a licensed pilot, backpacker, diver, and photographer.


  1. I wonder why their “small” screenshots are upsampled low-res screenshots and the “large” ones are the same screenshots upsampled even more, without compression!

  2. @Jonathan: that was for the local newspaper, they needed an bigger version. We simple upscaled the small versions and that was good enough for them đŸ˜‰

  3. I have been in Groningen many times, its a very beautiful city.

  4. Ok, great. I know for sure that i would take a lot oif time to do this! I’ve been there many times and it actually looks like it.!

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