Popular Science – Future of the Environment in Google Earth

Popular Science Environmental layer in Google EarthPopular Science magazine has a special issue dedicated to the topic of “Future of the Environment“. As you might expect, the articles describe many ways that science is being used to either understand issues facing the environment, or to find solutions to help solve those issues. It appears all of the stories are available for reading online. Not only that, but they have produced their own Google Earth environmental KML layer to highlight some of the interesting environmental issues around the world. It isn’t a fancy collection, but some of the placemarks include image overlays for demonstrating visible changes to the environment. And, I found the descriptions of the issues and science technologies pretty fascinating.
Similar content is available in Google Earth’s built-in layers under “Global Awareness”, such as: UNEP: Atlast of our Changing Environment, WWF Conservation Projects, and Appalachian Mountain Removal.
See other examples of environmental information available using Google Earth:

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