News Roundup – Maps news, GeoServer Update, Scavenger Hunt, LA Murder Map

  • Maps newsAPC blog was first to report on a presentation by Google Australia which revealed some new upcoming features for Google Maps. Most significantly: Google Maps will soon give you the ability to easily embed Maps into your web page (with an HTML embed snippet like with YouTube videos). Many other mapping mashups have done this in the past (like Tagzania). I’m assuming this works with MyMaps, but it would be interesting to know if it works with Mapplets as well. Google Australia also used the presentation to dispel rumors that high-res imagery in Sydney had been replaced with lower resolution because of an important upcoming political meeting. They said the imagery had been replaced because of a licensing dispute.

  • GeoServer Update – The GeoServer blog reports on a new release (version 1.5.3) which has substantial new features. Most importantly, they have better support for KML. In particular, they now support significant new features for SuperOverlays, custom placemarks from templates, and automatic generation of legend information. They are also now supporting GeoRSS and Oracle database integration. See this interesting article at Oracle about this.

  • Scavenger Hunt – VirtualGlobeTrotting has a scavengerhunt for Streetview sights which just started last week. Here’s your chance to play with the new cities and Streetview and maybe win something.

  • LA Murder Map – The LA Times has a Google Maps mashup called the “Homicide Map”. It not only shows you the location of murders so far this year, but provides a number of statistics allowing you to views by ehtnicity, age, gender, cause of death, day of week, etc. And, you can also select the “KML” button and see the resulting map in Google Earth as well. Gee, this is a fun and powerful mashup! Too bad its such a morbid topic.

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  1. This is good news which will further enhance business searches in Australia’s Google Maps.
    I love the hint that Google Australia gave. “We’re really hopeful of getting high-res imagery for Sydney and other cities in Australia back up as soon as possible.” Note the “and other cities in Australia”. Maybe there is some more high res upadates to come because at the moment, the quality is not that high.

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