News Roundup – Flickr KML tags, Weather, Arc2Earth V2

  • Flickr KML tags – Rev Dan Catt, whose blog is called geobloggers, is the guy who got a job at Yahoo’s Flickr – in part because of his work geotagging photos. He has recently posted about some new features he has “sneaked” in to Flickr: geoRSS and KML links directly on tags for Flickr photos. These features only show results for properly geotagged photos. For example, you can show the results for photos tagged “ufo” . And you can put that same link into Google Maps and see the photos there. If you look at the link, you can easily substitute “ufo” with whatever tag you want. Rev is “happy” to be able to link to KML on a Yahoo site and not be “fired”. Since KML has already been submitted and initially blessed by the OGC, I’m not sure why he was worried.

  • Weather – Saw a post at the GEC with a ton of interesting weather KML content. All of them are bundled into a weather KML network link . They come from the website. Also found some interesting weather data for Google Earth put together by Pennsylvania State for the state government’s official public access geospatial information clearinghouse. Check it out.

  • Arc2Earth V2 – Brian Flood continues to release information about his forthcoming release of V2 of Arc2Earth. He highlights an interesting visualization of property parcel data for Somerset, New Jersey with property outlines, and 3D outlines representing buildings on the properties. He also designed the example to show how if you click the left mouse button while holding down the CTRL key you can get further information on the parcel you are looking at (as I pointed out in his previous examples).

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