Humanitarian Issues in Google Earth – Central African Republic

Central African Republic Humanitarian Information in Google EarthAnother humanitarian organization has turned to Google Earth to help visualize conditions in another African country. This time it is the Central African Republic (CAR) which is adjacent to the violent and serious situation in the Darfur region of Sudan. The northern part of CAR also has many related humanitarian issues with refugees, violence, death, displaced people, crime, and sickness. The Humanitarian and Development Partners | Central African Republic have developed an informative Google Earth file with a wealth of information of both civic and humanitarian use. The file contains basic information about the region including towns, roads, 3D population graphs, locations of civic aid, water, etc. It also contains information about health issues, destroyed villages, refugee numbers, and more. Similar techniques were used by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in the “Crisis in Darfur” layer which you can turn on under the “Global Awareness” layer in Google Earth. The Crisis in Darfur layer got international attention in the media when it was announced in Washington DC and promoted by Google. This new layer on CAR may also be destined for the Global Awareness layer if they have worked with the new Google Earth Outreach program.

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  1. It looks interesting. So bad that they put this colour thing that prevent us to see the proper aerial pictures of CAR using their data!

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